Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 60

I know that I haven't blogged in awhile, but today was a day that I wanted to blog about :) THE JONAS BROTHERS & DEMI LOVATO ARE COMING TO CINCINNATI ON AUGUST 10!! Haha - I am SO excited :) Plus, it seems like it is going to work out perfectly. Orginally, Abby was unsure of whether she would be on vacation then, but she said it will work! I still haven't heard of whether or not Ashley is good with that, so I am hoping that it isn't a problem. It's a Camp Rock tour with Jonas and Demi each having their own sets too, so they can play some of their songs as well. I have been looking forward to tour dates for a LONG time, so I was so happy and relieved when I saw that they were coming to Cincinnati, and it was a time that would work for me. I am just so flipping excited right now. I found out they were coming in Biology today, and I was like screaming in my head ;)