Friday, October 10, 2014

Project 365: September 2014

Life has been crazy and a lot of things have been changing lately, so I don't really have time to blog anymore. I still like having my Project 365 pictures backed up on the blog, so I may aim just to do those once a month from now on. It's just that I feel like I have been constantly busy, and I honestly haven't missed blogging as much as I thought I would.

Here's what I was up to in September though!

September 1 - My Labor Day consisted of homework, a meeting on campus, and watching a movie in bed!

September 2 - I love seeing my cutie after a long day at school!

September 3 - The first of many late nights preparing for recruitment....

September 4 - Late night at the KD house calls for a McFlurry on the way home!

September 5 - Getting ready for the second day of recruitment!

September 6 - Had such a fun day giving the financial presentation at recruitment today!

September 7 - You know you're doing a lot of baking when you use 18 eggs in just a few hours!

September 8 - Caught her mid-lick ;)

September 9 - Insane day of school, work, cake pops, and Kappa Delta workshop. So sad I only got to see Coco for a little bit!

September 10 - Just another insanely crazy busy day....

September 11 - 536 mini KD cake pops: I'm obsessed.

September 12 - Such a great Philanthropy round of recruitment tonight!

September 13 - Pref night - so thankful for these girls who helped with the 500+ mini cake pops this week!

September 14 - Bid Day 2014!! So exciting to welcome all of our fabulous new members!

September 15 - You know your life is busy when even an hour break for dinner involves homework....

September 16 - Busted from chewing up my socks.

September 17 - I got to come straight home from school today and eat dinner at home for the first time in about 2 weeks! So thankful for some time to catch up on homework and take Coco for a walk!

September 18 - Never thought I'd see the day when I went shopping for 17 boxes of Klondike bars.

September 19 - Such a great day: the weather was perfect, I had an interview that went well, I got a lot of stuff done, I went to Yagoot after class, and I ate dinner at LaRosa's with my family. Perfection!

September 20 - Alumnae Open House this afternoon!

September 21 - Relaxing Sunday of church, Maddie & Sydney's soccer game, visiting Grampsy, getting some homework done, and going out to dinner!

September 22 - I was actually able to come home right after school today!

September 23 - Busken's tea cookies always make the day better.

September 24 - Been thinking a lot about the future and it can be easy to be stressed about the unknown, but then I remind myself of the amazing possibilities that can be found in the unknown and it doesn't seem so scary anymore.

September 25 - Trash Bash cake pops!

September 26 - I never thought I'd turn down a job offer at GE, but sometimes staying close to family and friends and taking a different leap of courage close to home is more important.

September 27 - Crafting for my future little today!

September 28 - SUCH a productive day! I got so much homework done for the week, and I finally got to paint my nails after almost a month of being too busy!

September 29 - Reese's pumpkins make everything better....even a long afternoon and evening of homework.

September 30 - Three job interviews, work, class, KD meeting, and KD finance work mean I went to bed exhausted today.

Like I said, my life has been a whole bunch of craziness lately, but I've been loving it. I've been doing so many things with friends these last few weeks and it's just been so much fun. So even though I don't have much time for blogging or other things like that, I'm so incredibly happy with where I am at this point in my life. :)