Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 54

Today i felt so much better and was able to go to school like normal! Today was Katie's birthday, so Aly and I headed down to the balloon shop to get her some balloons this morning. Turns out, we were the only ones! I kind of felt bad. I ended up running around all morning because I had to get to the art room to drop off my puzzle ( :) ) and we were later than usual getting there. At lunch Katie had a cake that had CHOCOLATE all over it. I was SO bummed. Almost everyone there had a piece except for me. I don't know why I ever decided to give up chocolate. I must be seriously out of my mind - haha! Well, other than that nothing too exciting happened today. Ashley Rodriguez got voted out of American Idol today, and she was my favorite! I was SO bummed...

Day 43

I ended up staying home from school on Wednesday. I woke up and I still just didn't feel quite right. My stomach didn't hurt but I had a headache and I was SO exhausted. I actually fell asleep while waiting to get into the bathroom. Yeah, I was THAT tired... I went back to bed and woke up around 10. I slept about 12 hours. I knew I was sick then because that very rarely happens for me. The day consisted of watching TV, eating Chick-Fil-A that Mom went out and got :), watching more TV, watching Dreamgirls, doing homework, and watching more TV. It honestly felt so good. I think that was exactly what I needed. It ended up being a good day to miss because I really didn't miss much. However, while I was working on Wednesday's homework, I figured out that I had done all the wrong pages for Tuesday night's homework (I guess I was just too out of it!). I had to do 2 night's homework on Wednesday. It was so annoying....

Day 52

Tuesday was not a good day for me. The school day was pretty normal until I got to geometry. In the middle of the class, I started getting stomach pains, a headache, and I got really hot. I seriously thought to myself that I would probably be going home if this kept up. Thankfully, it ended just about as soon as it started up. it was the most random thing. However, I was glad because I was able to go through the rest of school and play practice just fine. We went to dinner at Diane's with the whold family and we got to see Cameron. However, about halfway through dinner i started feeling bad again. When we left and I got to the car, my stomach was killing me - it was like a searing pain all over my stomach area. When I got home I had to work on Geometry homework, but other than that I didn't do a whole lot of other work. I just didn't feel good at all. I even ended up falling asleep while watching American Idol. :(

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 51

Today was a better day than I thought it would be. I was unbelievably tired because I was up late after the dance last night. But, the school day was pretty easy. I didn't have computer - I had group guidance instead :) I also ended up not having my english quiz today either! After school I had play practice. It's kind of cool because it is the first big thing I have been involved in at Seton. OH! All of my friends are freaking out about Algebra 2 right now - I think it is so weird that I already went through all of that! Although I loved Algebra, I am excited to have the easier class right now :) Thankfully I didn't have a lot of homework tonight, so I got to workout and take a shower! I am also doing good with my giving up chocolate. We even got our Girl Scout cookies today, and I still haven't cracked under the pressure yet! I think I might be able to last longer than a week! Although, I still don't think I am going to be able to make it the entire time. I also got my class ring today. I was so excited, even though I was shocked that most of my friends didn't get one. I really like it :) I think it is going to be a good keepsake from high school :) Well, I think I am going to go read some of Dear John, so I'd better go. I'm not sure I will able to blog tomorrow because I have practice after school and then we are going to eat with everyone tomorrow night @ Diane's :)

Day 50

Yesterday was a good and busy day too! I got up and went to Church, and then came home and got ready for the Father/Daughter Dance! It was so much fun. We went out to dinner at LaRosas before hand. (It was so funny because all of the dads just stood around for the first half hour while all of us girls sat at the table.) We ended up being late too. I think we got there around 6:30 or 6:45 - the dance started at 6 and it was at music hall. We all had a lot of fun, even if the dads didn't really :) Dad and I stopped for ice cream on the way home. And do you know how many ice creams DON'T have chocolate in them? - hardly any! We ended up having to get Strawberry, but it ended up being better than I thought it would be.

P.S. I can't believe I have been blogging for 50 days already! This year has FLOWN by so far :)

Day 49

Saturday was a much better day than Friday, and much more eventful. Mom and I got up early to go out to Kenwood to do some shopping :) I think we were at the mall by 10:00 - we wanted to get there early! - haha! It also happened to be free Auntie Anne's pretzel day at the mall. And they were SO good! It just about made my day. I also saw a really cute summer dress at Macys, but they didn't have my size, so we stopped at the downtown Macys to get it. We also met Dad for lunch at Skyline when we were done because he was working. Then, we went to Aunt Linda & uncle Jim's house to work on my art project. And, we got it all done! It turned out better than I expected, except I got pretty bummed when I put a glaze over top of it that smeared the entire thing :( Even though, it doesn't look too bad. I went to see Valentine's Day with my friends, and that was a really cute movie :) I really liked it. Well, that was about it for my Saturday :)

Day 48

Friday was a pretty LAME Friday. Nothing exciting happened in school that I cam remember, and after school I went to clean at Grandpa's. After that I headed home and we had a little fish fry of our own at home - it was SO good :) I still can't believe it is already Lent... Well, anyway, I ended up doing nothing on Friday night except for homework. I know, lame, right? Well, I guess it was kind of good because I had a pretty busy weekend the rest of the weekend, and this gave me an opportunity to catch up on some of my work. I think I went to bed fairly early that night because I was tired and didn't really have anything else to do :)

Day 47

I honestly think this is the farthest behind I have ever been - I have 5 blogs to catch up on! So, some of these are going to be really short, especially this one because I can barely even remember what happened :)

Well, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. I really can't remember what went on on Thursday. I know Grey's Anatomy was on, so I watched that, although it was kind of a boring episode....I think it was mainly just a filler. Well, Thursday was a pretty boring day seeming as I can't remember anything that happened :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 46

Today was back to school and back to reality. On Monday I wanted to go back to school, but when it came to it, I really didn't want to go back. Although, it was a pretty good day at school. Nothing really exciting happened though. We have our first play practice tomorrow, so I am excited about that. Today was crazy after school, with making dinner plans for the Father/Daughter Dance, homework, studying, working out, and showering. I surprisingly got everything done :) I just got finished watching American Idol, and I am so excited because Ashley Rodriguez made it through to the final 24. She's my favorite :) I hope she wins it all. I want either her or Katie Stevens to win. Or Big Mike. I like him too. Well, I should probably get to bed soon because I have school again tomorrow :(

Day 45

Yesterday, I was off school again. Although, it was a better day than Monday. Mom and I actually got out of the house for a little while. We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and I got a shake. They gave me a bigger size because it took them so long :) I was excited, especially since it didn't take them any longer than it normally does. Then, we went to Target just because we were out and didn't want to head home yet. We got some Reese's cups too since it was Fat Tuesday and I am attempting to give up chocolate. When Dad got home, he brought me a Milky Way :) So, of course, I ate that too. I also had a chocolate mousse before I went to bed. I had so much chocolate, I thought I was going to get sick today :) I still don't think I am going to make it all Lent. I think I will be proud of myself it I make it one week :) We watched American Idol last night, and it was really good.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 44

Well, today was President's Day. Mom and I were planning on going shopping today. Too bad we got snowed in today, and couldn't do anything. I am going crazy sitting at home because that feels like all I have been doing the all last week. Thankfully I did get out with my friends every night this weekend. But seriously, there is only so much TV you can watch, playing on the computer you can do, and scrapbooking you can do. And to top it all off, I am off school again tomorrow. Here's to another day of doing nothing but being bored out of my mind! I never thought I would say this, but I wish I actually had school tomorrow. For some reason I had a feeling it was going to be a good school day. It would also give me something to do! I am tired of doing NOTHING! I hope the roads clear up tomorrow so Mom and I can actually go out. I mean, I offered to help Dad shovel the driveway just to give me something to do. Help me, please. I am a prisoner trapped in my own house :(

Day 43

Now it's time to move onto Sunday. Sunday was a pretty good day (thankfully this weekend was a lot better than last weekend!). Well, yesterday was Valentine's Day, and it was also Grandpa's birthday. So, we all got up early and went to breakfast at the Hollywood Casino. It was pretty good (really crowded) and it was nice to have everyone together, especially since it seems like it has been so long since I have seen everyone! Dad and I also went out to Michael's to look for some art supplies for my project. We ended up coming home with nothing for the project, instead we got something better - JONAS VALENTINES! They were so cute, and they even came with pencils - haha! Although we didn't get anything for my project, we came up with a pretty cool idea that I am really excited about if it ends up working out like I am hoping. We are going to try to make a real jigsaw puzzle out of it! I think it's a really creative idea, and I am pumped about it :) We went to Walt's Barbeque last night for dinner - SO GOOD! Then, I went to Bri's house to hang out. We ended up going up to the Dominic tournament, which I wasn't too thrilled about. I never really liked to go even when I went to Dominic, so I felt kind of weird being back there as a high school student. OH! I also gave my friends the Valentines at Bri's house - they all liked them :) Some of them ended up spending the night at Bri's, but I didn't feel like it. I was so tired and I was in such a bad mood :l

Day 42

Well it's 10:00 at night, and I have 3 posts to catch up on, so I am going to do my best to finish them tonight :)

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.... I am literally sitting here trying to think of what happened on Saturday. It was a pretty lazy morning. We went to Church at 4:30, and then I went to Frisch's with Ashley and Katie. Then, we went back to Katie's house to hang out. Some of my other friends showed up there, and it was a lot of fun. We played Charades some was a lot of fun! Of course, I got the hard one we had talked about at dinner - steam! It was practically impossible to act out, but they got it eventually with some help/hints from Ashley and Katie. I ended up leaving a little early because I had to get up early in the morning. That was basically my entire Saturday :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 41

I didn't have a chance to blog last night either....and yesterday was a very good day :) At shcool I had 4 subs, so it was a pretty easy school day. Even though we did have a Biology test. I was worried about Health class like always since she loves to spring surprise quizzes on us, but Health was actually a lot of fun. We had to pick our own groups (which I HATE because I don't know a lot of people in that class). I ended up getting a good group though, and we came up with some pretty funny skits (That's weird. I didn't know she had a Jewish friend.) - haha! After school I had callbacks for the Freshman play, and I know that I at least made the play, but I don't know which character I am going to be yet. Then I went and cleaned at Grandpa's house. This is so sweet - Grandpa is going to give money to this little girl, Ava, who was hit by a drunk driver. He has never even met her and he is doing this. I think that sometimes the generosity that people show to complete strangers is enough to keep me going :) i went to Skyline with Abby last night. It was funny because it was just us because everyone else was at the basketball game. Then, abby came back over to my house to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and the We Are The World remake (the Jonas Brothers were in it!). Some of my other friends came over after the basketball games last night. I had a lot of fun! We played Charades, listened to music, and talked. A lot of them never knew I had a business card collection. They thought that it was really funny and cool. I think some of them want to start grabbing some for me when they are out. I honestly haven't collected them in FOREVER! I used to love to do it though :) I think we counted that I had about 300 of them. I think the one that I have from the farthest away would be Australia. I also have Paula Deen's business card, which is probably my coolest one :) HAHA!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 40

Yesterday was back to school and back to reality. Although, it was a pretty easy and good day yesterday. I tried out for the Freshman play yesterday, and I think I did a pretty good job, so I am going to have to wait and see how I do. I had time to work out last night, and it was really hard for me.... Grey's Anatomy was new last night too, and it was a good one :) Alex Noyes's dad past away last night too. His family has been in my prayers, and I was really sad about this last night. I don't even personally know Alex, but he was really nice when I met him at the ooncert. I just feel really bad for him.

Day 39

Wednesday....we were off school AGAIN. I was happy about this, but at the same time, I was getting tired of sitting at home all day. I worked out with Mom in the morning, and watched some episodes of JONAS. I did study some biology, but I had a hard time concentrating on what I was studying. I took some breaks to watch YouTube videos and to check my twitter account :) We did get out of the house to go to BW3's. It was really good. Coco was really mean to me on Wednesday too. She wouldn't let me cuddle with her, but she let Mom cuddle with her. It was annoying....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 38

Well, today we were off school! I was SO excited, and it was a well needed day for me. I seriously did NOTHING the entire day. It was great. I got to sleep in, and when I finally did get up I watched some of Ellen and then Mom and I worked out. That Jillian Michael's video WILL be the death of me - it is so tiring! I am so sore. We did give Coco a bath, and then we ate some lunch. We also watched Miss Congenialty (sp?) 2.....I hadn't seen that movie in forever! We took a nap after that. (Yeah, can you tell I was pretty tired today - ha!) We did get out of the house a bit when Dad came home because we got some pizza and went over Grandma's house to help out with Hannah and Brandon (Maria & Jay are in Disney). It was a lot of fun playing around with them, especially Hannah ;) I caught the second half of American Idol once we got home, and then I did some studying....Well, off to do some more studying.

And, we are on a 2 hour delay so far tomorrow AND we have early dismissal :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 37

Monday...need I say more? I absolutely HATE Monday mornings. Today was a rather uneventful day...(I think I am starting to write this a little too much!). I desperately need to find some new ways to make everyday interesting. I need something good to blog about each day! Well, I did watch an episode of JONAS today, so that made it a pretty good day. I also found out that I got a 100 on my Geometry test! I was pretty excited about that. I didn't have too much homework today, so that was a good thing. They are calling for snow tomorrow, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get a snow day tomorrow. I am in desperate need of one! I really don't want to go to school :( But I think if we get what they are actually calling for, we shouldn't have school tomorrow. All of the teachers think that we are going to be off tomorrow, and so all of us, so if we actually have to go to school, it is going to be a LONG day. Well, I am so beat today because Mom and I did our Jillian Michaels workout for the first time today. It was a killer. I seriously need to get into shape. This was one serious workout....therefore, I am so tired I can hardly stand it right now. ;)

Day 36

Sunday was Mom's birthday. I got her the new Lady Antebellum cd, and she really liked it! We went to P.F. Chang's for her birthday lunch. It was soooo good. I mean, chicken lettuce wraps, chicken fried rice, cripy honey shrimp, and fortune cookies. Yeah, it was a good meal. We also had Paula Deen's Gooey Butter Cake that we had made at home too (now that is REALLY good). We were going to go to Curtis and Ali's house for the Super Bowl originally, but they ended up getting sick so we stayed home for the Super Bowl. This was the first year I have actually ever watched the entire Super Bowl. And, surprisingly, I had a lot of fun watching it. (not to mention the fact that we had some pigs and a blanket and some left over butter cake!). Well, the Saints ended up winning, and they were the team I was rooting for!

Day 35

Saturday was still a very snowy day, so I went to Delhi Par 3 with Aly and Kelley to go sled riding. That was pretty much fun, especially since I don't get to see Kelley a lot anymore. I did however, figure out that I need to get in shape....I was SO tired after I got home. That night we went to Cincinnati Bell to try and figure out my stupid phone. Then Bri texted me telling me that she was having people over. I was pretty excited since I hadn't been able to do anything with my friends the night before. Well, it ended up that only me and Katie could go so we decided to go see Dear John. Then Katie couldn't go, so we ended up not doing anything. It was a real bummer. Mom, Dad, and I did end up heading out to Northgate though just to get out of the house. It ended up not being too bad of a night, but I was still annoyed that all of my plans with my friends were falling through.

Day 34

I am SUPER behind right now, so hopefully I can catch up....

Friday...was a very boring Friday. The chance drive was kicked off at school, and it was really funny because we had some skits to promote it. (The best one was one based on The Hangover.) When I came home, my friends and I planned to go to Frisch's for dinner. Unfortunately, it started snowing really badly, and Mom and Dad didn't want to take me out. So, I ended up staying home and playing some games with Mom and Dad. Aly had Kelley over, and they texted me asking me to come over. I didn't end up getting the text until the next day. I was so bummed.... Well, that was my Friday, and it was very unexciting for a Friday night.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 33

Yesterday was a very, very busy day, so I didn't have time to blog about it last night. I don't think I started my homework until after dinner, so it is was a good thing that I barely had any homework at all - ha! After school I went and cleaned at Grandpa's house because it is supposed to snow this afternoon....I also helped Aly with math last night before dinner. We had such a great dinner last night - we had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and sourdough bread! Even though I was craving fried fish (I really don't know why because I don't eat fis hthat often, and in fact, I am still craving it right now in Geometry class. (I finished my test early, I'm not goofing off right now!)) Grey's Anatomy was on last night, and it was a new one. It was really good. I just love that show. I also FINALLY got around to watching Ellen. It was the episode Nick Jonas and the Administration performed on! Well, that was the extent of my Thursday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 32

Today was a great day, and an annoying day....seem's hard for a day to be both, so let me explain. After school, Mom and I went out to Florence and shopped at Macys! I got the boots that I was dying to get last week, so I was really happy that they were on sale :) OH! I almost forgot....I got a reply on Twitter from Mandy VanDuyne (sp?) That was pretty exciting for me because it is the closest I have ever gotten from a famous person replying to me on Twitter. She actually sent me a direct message, and I am still trying to figure that one out because she doesn't follow me...? Well, Nick Jonas was also on a Tweet Spree tonight, so I was hitting him up with some questions including MY Rita's question :) Then, Dad and I headed to Target to get Mom's birthday present. While we were heading to Best Buy, I got a tweet from Abby saying that Nick's favorite flavor of Rita's was Mint Chocolate Chip. I asked her how she knew this, and she replied: "I just bbmed him and asked him. no big deal" I was freaking out because I thought she got a reply from him. I immediately called her and found out that she was just joking, and that Nick had replyed to someone else. I totally freaked out in Best Buy and got weird looks for nothing. Turns out this girl was tweeting about the same thing I was, and probably around the same time too. I guess he just decided to respond to her tweet :( I was pretty bummed about this because I had been asking him that question for MONTHS now... I have no clue what my new "question" is going to be. My Rita's one was such a great one.... Well, I am trying to look at the bright side of this day.

I'd better get going ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 31

Today was a seriously great day. Nothing overly exciting in school today, but THE NICK JONAS AND THE ADMINISTRATION ALBUM CAME OUT TODAY! And, Nick had a bunch of webcasts today, and he is goint to have another one in about 10 minutes! It has been a great Jonas day. They also had a new YouTube video come out, which was nice because they haven't had a good new video in awhile :) (Also, check out for the webcasts from today). The CD is AMAZING! I also just got finished watching the DVD that came with it. I specifically didn't listen to a few of the songs so I could be surprised today, and needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. Today has just seriously been a great day. (I even had lasagna for dinner!) Well, I should wrap it up so I am ready for the next webcast :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 30

Today was a good day; an average day, but still good none the less. At school, we had a messed up schedule, and ended up accidentally staying in Biology an extra 10 minutes. Our computer teacher was really annoyed, but it wasn't my fault! I didn't have a lot of homework, so that was good :) I found out that I got an A+ on my Ethan Frome report! I was so excited because that is the best I have ever done on one of his essays. At first I was worried because I was scrolling down my report and there was nothing written on it, but that was because all he wrote on it was A+, great job on it. I also changed Mom's ringtone today to Single Ladies by Beyonce. It cracks me up that she actually likes this song :) She is also into I've Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas (haha!). While I was changing her ringtone, I decided to change the ringtone of when I call her. It now plays Tonight (Jonas Brothers) and shows a picture of me & Nick ;) I keep calling her phone! Well, the NJ&TA album comes out tomorrow!! I am SO excited. Although I have listened to most of the songs, I specifically didn't listen to a few so I would be suprised tomorrow...and I am sure I will be pleasantly surprised! I seriously can't wait...Well, I'd better go. I think I am either going to read or watch a movie now :)

Day 29

Yesterday was a pretty average day....I am starting to have too many of these! I need something interesting in my life. But, anyway, yesterday I went to Church at St. Theresa with my family for a mass for Uncle Alan. I ended up seeing a bunch of people from Seton there that I knew, including Mr. Collins. I also spent my time doing homework, which was fun....NOT! The Grammys were on last night, so I watched those too. They were really good. The Jonas Brothers were there, and I was so happy to see Kevin because I feel like I haven't seen or heard from him in a while. Taylor Swift won Album of the Year, so she got the big one. Well, that was my Sunday ;)

Day 28

Saturday was a very good day for me. First of all, I spent the night at Rachel's house on Friday night, so after Mom picked me up, I went home and played around with our new DVR!! Yes, I have finally entered the modern era, and I am loving it. It is really cool. I went out to dinner with Mom and Dad at Alcupocos (sp?) and that was really good. Then, I went to Abby's house. I saw Kelley again; I thought it was funny that I hadn't seen her in months, and I just saw her 2 days in a row this weekend :) I had a lot of fun at Abby's and seeing all of my friends, because I feel like there are so many of my friends that I hardly ever see anymore.