Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 38

Well, today we were off school! I was SO excited, and it was a well needed day for me. I seriously did NOTHING the entire day. It was great. I got to sleep in, and when I finally did get up I watched some of Ellen and then Mom and I worked out. That Jillian Michael's video WILL be the death of me - it is so tiring! I am so sore. We did give Coco a bath, and then we ate some lunch. We also watched Miss Congenialty (sp?) 2.....I hadn't seen that movie in forever! We took a nap after that. (Yeah, can you tell I was pretty tired today - ha!) We did get out of the house a bit when Dad came home because we got some pizza and went over Grandma's house to help out with Hannah and Brandon (Maria & Jay are in Disney). It was a lot of fun playing around with them, especially Hannah ;) I caught the second half of American Idol once we got home, and then I did some studying....Well, off to do some more studying.

And, we are on a 2 hour delay so far tomorrow AND we have early dismissal :)

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