Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Post 59

Well, I have decided not to blog everyday because that was just getting to be too much. Instead, I have decided to still blog, just instead blog when something exciting happens, or when I feel like it, or when something is interesting, or when I have a good day. This is why I am bloggin today, because it was a really good day. Today was such a beautiful day - it was in the 60s today! After school mom and I went out to Rookwood and did some shopping around. I also went to Yagoot :) Although, I couldn't get chocolate chips :( (I gave up chocolate for lent) But I got double strawberries, so it was still really good. Then, I uploaded a picture of my Christa Black poster from art. About two minutes after I uploaded it, I got a reply from CHRISTA BLACK ON TWITTER!! i just started screaming :) I had always wanted a reply from her because she is SO inspirational to me. It was just so cool and exciting for me. She was so nice, and even wrote that my artwork was amazing! i am still smiling about it now. I just thought that was so cool :) I don't think I will ever forget this. One another note, mom and dad just came home from Kohls with a Chick-Fil-A shake :) it was green for St. Patrick's Day. Well, I am still so excited about my reply from Christa. I will never get over the excitement I have right now :)))

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 58

TODAY WAS A REALLY EXCITING DAY!.......NOT. Haha, just another average day in the life of me :) But seriously, nothing really exciting went on today. I did get a 100 on my Geometry test that I thought I didn't do that well on, so I was happy about that. We had play practice today, and it was our first day of being off scripts, and I did a really good job! I didn't forget any of my lines. I was excited, especially when some people didn't know any of their lines... Well, Dad and I went out tonight to take out the recycling and to get some green wrapping paper for our Biology project. Nothing else really going on today...

Day 57

Sunday was a pretty low key day too. We went to Church and headed home for lunch. We were supposed to go out to dinner with the Younghans, but Hannah ended up getting sick, so they had to cancel. So, I was DYING to get out of the house because I had felt like we had barely done anything this weekend. So, Mom and I went out to Target, PetSmart, and Hallmark just to get out of the house for a little while. Once we got home I became completely absorbed in my book. I was reading Breaking the Silence and it was SO good. It was a 400 page book, and I finished it in a little over 24 hours - I started it Saturday night. It was just too good to put down. So, it ended up not being too bad of a day even though I did just sit at home some more. Hopefully this weekend gets a little more exciting....I am getting tired of blogging about nothing :)

Day 56

Nothing really happened on Saturday during the day. We mostly just hung around home. We went out to Larosas for dinner for Riley's birthday. It was actually pretty much fun :) After dinner we went back to the Frimming's house for cake & stuff. I don't think I have ever been so happy for someone to have a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and vanilla ice cream! (I have been going good with my no chocolate. I haven't had any so far!). We also got to see their new puppy, Sunny. He was so cute! Once we left, I went over to Nicci's to hang out. We did some Facebook was a lot of fun :) Although I felt kind of bad when Nicci sent her friend a message on my Facebook on accident. Her friend ended up thinking I was just a really nice person because we never talk to each other! I felt bad, but at the same time, her friend ended up feeling a lot better, so I guess that is a good thing!

Day 55

Friday....was just an ok day I guess. Really nothing exciting happened. We ended up staying home on Friday night and got The Box off of pay-per-view. I couldn't believe I had stayed home and done nothing for 2 Friday nights in a row! Anyway, the movie was pretty good, although, it was different from a lot of movies I have seen before. It was pretty close to that story I wrote in 8th grade, but there were some big differences. It is so weird to think that I basically wrote a story that ended up becoming a movie....if only I would have published it - haha!