Tuesday, January 4, 2011

101 in 1001

I've been wanting to do one of these 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days, and I finally got around to making a list of everything!

I also added a link to my 101 in 1001 on my sidebar.
Start: January 4, 2010
End: October 1, 2013

Here they are......
Start: January 4, 2011

1. Try 5 new restaurants (5/5)

2. Eat 2 things I've never tried before. (2/2)

3. Find 5 new recipes and cook them for my family. (5/5)

4. Try 5 new fruits. (4/5)

5. Try 5 new vegetables. (4/5)

6. Bake croissants from scratch.

7. Bake and decorate fancy cupcakes.

8. Go out to eat, and only order dessert.

9. Eat fresh cotton candy. - I read this on another blog and thought YUM!

10. Make pizza from scratch.


11. Travel out of the United States.

12. Shop in New York City.

13. Go on a cruise.

14. Visit a state I've never gone to before.

15. Go to the beach.

16. Build a sandcastle.

17. Fly on an airplane.


18. Go to 5 concerts. (5/5)

19. Read 25 new books. (25/25)

20. Watch 10 new movies. (10/10)

21. Go ice skating.

22. Throw a surprise party.

23. Go skiing

24. Go to a drive in theater.

25. Go zip lining.

26. Have a marshmallow war.

27. See a play.

28. Go see a movie premiere at midnight.

29. Watch the sun rise set.

30. Go to the spa with some friends.

31. Go on a picnic.

32. Watch a fireworks display.

33. Have a snowball fight.

34. Swim with dolphins.

35. Have a Harry Potter marathon, and watch all of the movies.

36. Hold a baby turtle.

37. See the play movie Les Mis.


38. Go for a walk everyday for a month. (0/30)

39. Run a mile.

40. Run a 5k.

41. Take my dog for a walk everyday for a week. (0/7)

42. Go to the park once a week for a month. (4/4)

43. Find a workout routine that I like, and do it twice a week for a month. (8/8)


44. For every item not completed, donate $1 to charity.

45. Give my blog a complete makeover.

46. Host a giveaway on my blog.

47. Update my blog 101 times. (101/101)

48. Get a job.

49. Find a cute picture and frame it for my night stand.

50. Go an entire weekend week without using my phone.

51. Take a picture everyday for a month. (31/31)

52. Go one week without TV.

53. Create a list of 101 things that make me happy.

54. Don't use the computer for an entire weekend week.

55. Learn to French Braid.

56. Don't go on Facebook for an entire week.

57. Write a new 101 in 1001 list to start when I'm finished with this one.

58. Film a video once a month for 6 months (6/6)

59. Find a new artist that I've never heard of, but LOVE.

60. Teach my dog a new trick.

61. Make 5 new playlists for my iPod. (5/5)

62. Save $1 for every item completed, and then do something fun with it!


63. Be on the honor roll every quarter during high school.

64. Graduate high school.

65. Start college.

For others

66. Give a gift to a friend "just because"

67. Compliment a stranger.

68. Do a chore around the house even though I'm not asked.

69. Do something nice for someone anonymously.

70. Make some brownies for my friends just for the fun of it.

71. Leave a 100% tip to a server.

72. Treat a friend to ice cream.

73. Save up $50 and donate it to a charity.

74. Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House.

75. Put together another shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

76. Donate 10,000 grains of rice on freerice.com - I've seen other people post about this, and it seems like a great idea!

For myself

78. Get a manicure.

79. Take a young me/now me picture.

80. Paint my nails once a week for a month. (4/4)

81. Drive to the mall and just shop by myself.

82. Get my drivers license.

83. Go to bed by 10pm for a total of 14 days. (11/14)

84. Buy a new camera.

85. Curl my hair, and see how it looks on me.

86. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.


87. Find & read a book that impacts my life.

88. Pray the steps during Lent.

89. Find a quote that I love and hang it on my wall.

90. Pray for 15 minutes everyday for a month. (0/30)

91. Find 10 new bible quotes that I love. (10/10)

92. Read 5 books that deepen my faith. (2/5)


93. Clean out the area under my bed.

94. Clean out my closet once a year. (3/3)

95. Go through and get rid of old clothes twice a year. (5/6)


96. Make a necklace for myself that I will actually wear!

97. Make 2 more rosette headbands for myself. (1/2)

98. Make 10 Digital Scrapbook layouts. (8/10)

99. Paint a canvas.

100. Make an inspiration board.

101. Make a scrapbook with pictures from high school.

And that's it! I'm hoping I can knock a lot of these out over the next few years. :)
Things work out when you trust in God. ~ Proverbs 16:20

Completed (67/101)
In-progress (7/101)


Laurie said...

I like your goals. That is sooooo scary that a bird got caught in your hair. I would just die I think!

Annabella said...

Wow, those are some very interesting/good goals and ideas! Good luck & i'd love to help! (:

Rachel! said...

I love this! I'm about to make one now, hahaha. And I would love to help also!!!(:

Charlotte said...

So....don't you remember when we went to see Despicable Me and then just ordered ice cream from LaRosas'?

Allison said...

Yes! I do remember that. But I want to do it again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Allison.