Monday, January 17, 2011

Lots of Pictures

This weekend was a well needed, fun weekend after a crazy week! I actually have a lot of pictures for this post too :)

On Friday, I finished up exams early and got to go out to lunch with my family! Then I headed to my old grade school with some friends to visit teachers. Friday night I went to my friend's house to hang out for a little bit. We ordered pizza and had a pencil fight. I love nights where I can forget about school and homework and just laugh and have a good time with some good friends!

On Saturday, I drove out to a cemetery so my parents could take some pictures. It was cold, but really pretty! I would love to go back in the summer and take some pictures again.

Saturday night I headed over to another friend's house. (I actually did something Friday AND Saturday, which is very rare for me!) It was a lot of fun, and the food was great. (M&M's and Chick-fil-A. Need I say more?)

Sunday was a fairly low key day. I went to church and then headed out to the mall to do some window shopping. I've had a specific color of OPI nail polish that I've been looking for, but I couldn't find it! So, instead I bought a new scarf. Like I needed another one, but hey, I love them!

Today was another good day. Today marks the official anniversary of the NJ&TA concert. It makes me sad to think that it was only 1 year ago today that I was singing and dancing at the concert.
I went to Chipotle for lunch with my mom, and then we went to see The Dilemma. It was a really cute and funny movie, and I would strongly suggest going to see it!
After dinner tonight, a friend of mine came over. We baked some brownies and thought up ideas on how to complete our 101 in 1001 goals. Speaking of which, I've been working on some of these and actually completed my first one today! 1 down 100 to go! But I have a link to my goals on my sidebar, and I will be updating that as I go along!

I'm really dreading waking up tomorrow at 6. I strong HATE reality :/

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