Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project 365: February

Here's my February installment of my Project 365!

February 1 - I drove with my window down today since it was in the 60s!

February 2 - Studying pretty much just sums up today....

February 3 - Went to Rookwood with Abby tonight and got Yagoot!

February 4 - Bought Mom Cake Creation cookies for her birthday!

February 5 - Had fun with Maddie and Sydney at brunch today!

February 6 - Had a day of shopping and eating Noodles today for Mom's birthday!

February 7 - Watching Tangled tonight since that is our APUSH extra credit this week :)

February 8 - Heading to bed at 9:30 tonight. Success!

February 9 - Got a Chick-fil-a shake tonight!

February 10 - Grade school reminiscing......oh how things change.

February 11 - Babysat Lorelei againt tonight!

February 12 - Valentine's Day party with Maddie and Sas!

February 13 - Operation cute Valentine's nails was a success!

February 14 - Had a family party tonight for Grandpa's birthday!

February 15 - Had a pizza party tonight at Erin's and then came home and cuddled with this pup!

February 16 - Went to Target and got Starbucks today!

February 17 - Met Lily for the first time today!

February 18 - Went out to Batesville tonight and stopped at Nothing on the way home :)

February 19 - Made beachy cake pops today!

February 20 - Went to see The Vow today since I was off school!

February 21 - Got my Girl Scout cookies today!

February 22 - Coco really needs a haircut! I'm not sure she can see anymore :)

February 23 - Had a great day today! 30 minutes of homework, a fun time at Cheers to Art, and Yagoot :)

February 24 - Coco finally got a hair cut yesterday!

February 25 - Went shopping out at Kenwood with Mom today!

February 26 - I watched the Jonas Brothers Concert DVD today - it's been way too long!

February 27 - Good dinner tonight!

February 28 - Making my own peppermint hot chocolate while I watch American Idol tonight!

February 29 - Picked up some Reese's Eggs at Target today. Yum!

Can you believe tomorrow is March already?!? I can't!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Friends & Fashion Finds

I had a really busy and fun weekend again!

On Friday night my friend Nicci had some people over. We played Disney SceneIt, and it was a lot of fun!

On Saturday my mom and I went out to mall. So fun!

I got some good deals - yay! I love this dress I got at H&M. Have I mentioned before that I'm obsessed with dresses :)

When I went to Banana Republic, they were having a promotion for the Academy Awards where you picked a card and got either 20%, 30%, or 50% off. I got lucky and pulled a 50% off one! I got a super cute sparkle shirt. Banana Republic is turning into my new favorite store!

A trip to the mall wouldn't be complete without stopping a Macy's!

I love this bracelet I picked up there!

And this shirt too! It's kind of funky, but I've been looking for it in my size forever. When I finally found it, I had to pick it up.

I loved hanging with this dog in the afternoon.

My friend Katie had people over on Saturday night, and I had a ton of fun there too! There were a lot of people there, and we played Catch Phrase - my favorite!

I was looking through the Target ad yesterday afternoon, and I found a dress I've been looking for on sale! I think I've mentioned before how much I love the "Target dress"! This year they have them in different patterns too! This is the one I got....

Yesterday I watched some movies in the afternoon - The Perfect Man and the Jonas Brothers Concert Experience - ha!

Last night my family went to a birthday party for a family friend too.

I've got an even busier weekend next week - I'm not sure when my life is going to slow down. At least time has been going by fast :)

Have a fabulous week!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cheers to Art!

Yesterday I had an absolutely perfect day! Everything was just so great! I had hardly any homework. It was actually a record low :) I finished everything in about 30 minutes. I don't have any tests or quizzes today either, which has happened once, maybe twice all year!

Then my mom and I met some of my aunts and my cousin at this place called Cheers to Art!

This place was so cute! Everyone had their own easel and canvas, and they walked you through step-by-step how to paint a scene. Yesterday they were teaching you how to paint the Tuscan hillside!

My blank canvas....

My hill and sky...

Almost finished!

My competed masterpiece - ha! It was actually really easy to do, and it was SO fun. We were laughing so much. They were playing really good music and had some fruit, cookies, cheese, and cake to eat while you were painting. It was a really neat and unique place - I would love to go back!

My mom and I with our paintings.

Our whole group

These are some of the other paintings they do.

I would love to do that Eiffel Tower one, or the one below it with the water and the boat.

I thought this owl one would be fun and cute too.

After we were finished painting, my mom and I stopped at Yagoot on the way home.

I'm so blessed - yesterday was such a great day :)