Friday, February 17, 2012

Weddings: Part 3

I've done wedding posts before, not because I'm getting married any time soon, but just because I love weddings! So, here's another installment just because I think it is so fun to dream - ha!

I think this dress is absolutely gorgeous and would be so fun for a bridesmaid dress!

I saw on Pinterest that this bride put pictures of lost loved ones on her bouquet. I think that's so sweet and creative!

SUCH a neat picture. I think a picture like this would be one you'd cherish forever!

This groom's reaction is the sweetest thing ever. I think every girl deserves a man like this!

Such a fun picture with flower girls!

Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to a nice long one!

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Lauren said...

Cute ideas! I'm especially loving pictures #2 and #4. Pretend wedding planning is so addicting, isn't it? :)