Monday, February 6, 2012

Shopping Day!

I was off school today, so my mom and I headed out to the mall to do some shopping! Her birthday is tomorrow, so she was doing some birthday shopping, and I was just doing some normal shopping - ha!

We got up early this morning so we could get there right when the mall opened since we had to make sure we left in time for me to babysit. We headed out to my favorite mall - Kenwood!

We went to Macy's first - our favorite store! I was able to get a new pair of jeans (which are always hard to find), and my mom got a new watch, some coffee, a few shirts, and a new pair of boots. It was already a successful shopping trip and we had only been there an hour!

I tried out my Macy's app for the first time today too. If you like shopping at Macy's, you should download it! It's a free app, and you can scan any piece of clothing and it will show you the price. I had so much fun walking around scanning random articles of clothing! I think that feature is fun, and it could be very useful if you couldn't find a price scanner!

When we were finished shopping at Macy's, we left the mall to head across the street to eat at Noodles  & Co.

Their macaroni and cheese is seriously the best! I polished off this entire bowl :)

Then we went back to the mall to finish our shopping! My best purchase was a pair of silver glitter Toms. I'm so obsessed with them. I'm wearing them right now with my new pair of jeans, and I think they're super cute!

We stopped and got Yagoot too. That's twice in one weekend - Yay! I also bought a new thing of blush before I left. I'm really into make-up lately!

It looks like the rest of my day is going to consist of piano lessons, and hopefully a movie! I hope your Monday was as good as mine!


Sarah said...

Love those TOMS!!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are adorable!!!(Ashley)