Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project 365: February

Here's my February installment of my Project 365!

February 1 - I drove with my window down today since it was in the 60s!

February 2 - Studying pretty much just sums up today....

February 3 - Went to Rookwood with Abby tonight and got Yagoot!

February 4 - Bought Mom Cake Creation cookies for her birthday!

February 5 - Had fun with Maddie and Sydney at brunch today!

February 6 - Had a day of shopping and eating Noodles today for Mom's birthday!

February 7 - Watching Tangled tonight since that is our APUSH extra credit this week :)

February 8 - Heading to bed at 9:30 tonight. Success!

February 9 - Got a Chick-fil-a shake tonight!

February 10 - Grade school reminiscing......oh how things change.

February 11 - Babysat Lorelei againt tonight!

February 12 - Valentine's Day party with Maddie and Sas!

February 13 - Operation cute Valentine's nails was a success!

February 14 - Had a family party tonight for Grandpa's birthday!

February 15 - Had a pizza party tonight at Erin's and then came home and cuddled with this pup!

February 16 - Went to Target and got Starbucks today!

February 17 - Met Lily for the first time today!

February 18 - Went out to Batesville tonight and stopped at Nothing on the way home :)

February 19 - Made beachy cake pops today!

February 20 - Went to see The Vow today since I was off school!

February 21 - Got my Girl Scout cookies today!

February 22 - Coco really needs a haircut! I'm not sure she can see anymore :)

February 23 - Had a great day today! 30 minutes of homework, a fun time at Cheers to Art, and Yagoot :)

February 24 - Coco finally got a hair cut yesterday!

February 25 - Went shopping out at Kenwood with Mom today!

February 26 - I watched the Jonas Brothers Concert DVD today - it's been way too long!

February 27 - Good dinner tonight!

February 28 - Making my own peppermint hot chocolate while I watch American Idol tonight!

February 29 - Picked up some Reese's Eggs at Target today. Yum!

Can you believe tomorrow is March already?!? I can't!

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