Friday, March 2, 2012

Bad Day

I unfortunately don't have any pictures to go along with this post, but I wanted to do a quick update on how this day has been nothing like I expected.....

Let me set the scene:

I get out of school at 2:30, and I normally get to their house around 2:55, and the little boy, Tyler, shows up at 3:10 or 3:15.

It took me so much longer than usual to get out of the parking garage, and I got stuck in SO much traffic heading over there. It figures that I didn't grab my phone either, so it was locked away in my trunk the whole time.

I'm heading over, and I notice that it is right around 3:10. I was desperately praying that Tyler hadn't come home yet. Of course, I get over his house, and his grandma is sitting with him in the driveway.... I'm not sure why she dropped him off because he normally walks home, but the weather has been crazy here! So anyway, I walk up to the car, and she said that they were getting worried since I wasn't over there and I wasn't answering my phone.

I felt SO bad. It figures that the one day he is home early is also the one day I am late!

His grandma ended up taking him to her house, so I stayed to wait for the little girl, Sydney, to get home around 4.

I just chill at their house and get dressed and ready for the Father/Daughter dance. I get my dress on, straighten my hair, and put on my make-up while I was waiting for her. I was just thinking that this day couldn't get any worse when.....

The phone rings. And it's Sydney. And she missed her bus. And she was stuck at school. I couldn't believe it. I grabbed my phone to call her mom. Can you guess what happened next? Yeah, my phone wasn't working. Whenever I tried to call her, it wouldn't ring at all.

I finally got through to her grandma, who went and picked her up. She came by and told me to head home. Crazy, crazy!

As I left their house, it started raining, and I had to run all around their street in my heels. Stupid.

Then I come home and find out that our Father/Daughter dance was cancelled for severe weather, even though it is sunny and absolutely clear out now.

I keep thinking that this day can't get any worse, and it just does.

I'm crossing my fingers that nothing else crazy happens tonight! To say that it's been a crazy, stressful, and out-of-the ordinary day would be an understatement! This day has gotten really stupid and lame.

Well, I hope your day has been better than mine :) Ha!

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