Sunday, March 4, 2012

Virtual Reality Tour

Yesterday I got the chance to go to another concert - the Brad Paisley Virtual Reality tour! I know you probably don't care to see all of my not-so-great pictures, but I'm going to post them anyway because I love being able to look back at them!

The concert was in Lexington, KY, which is about an hour and a half away, so we got ready in the afternoon and left pretty early. Here's Coco and I before we left...

My aunt and uncle were going to the concert too, so we met up with them at a really good Italian restaurant beforehand for dinner. It was SO good. Look at how huge their breadsticks were!

I texted this picture to 2 of my friends asking if they recognized where I was because we had gone to the Jonas Brothers concert here a few years ago. They both remembered it :)

My dad and I before the concert...

Scotty McCreery was the the first opening act. He's my favorite!

He sang my favorite song of his - Dirty Dishes!

The next opening act was The Band Perry! They were really good too :)

Here they are performing All Your Life!

Then, of course, Brad Paisley came out! I had never been too big of a Brad Paisley fan, but I thought it would be fun to go to the concert and I really wanted to see Scotty. My aunt gave us all of the Brad Paisley cd's before the concert, and now I'm obsessed! I love all of his lyrics especially  - some of them are SO funny!

I loved this globe that they had during The World.

I think this is my favorite Brad Paisley song - Online!

Waitin' on a Woman

This was during the song Celebrity - the background images were SO funny!

I thought that it was really neat that he came out to a stage close in the back and sang the song Letter to Me. He said he wanted to sing to the people in the back since that was where he always was at concerts :) I thought that was a really sweet touch!

One of my favorite songs - Workin' on a Tan!

I know this picture is awful, but it is of Carrie Underwood! I was so surprised that she showed up because she doesn't normally do that. She came out to perform the duet that she has with Brad, Remind Me.

This was at the end when everyone came back out!

The concert was SO good! If you ever get the chance to see Brad Paisley live, you really should. He put on a great show!

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