Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project 365: March

Sorry I've been MIA all week. I've been on a retreat, that I'll do a post on later, but since it's the last day of March, I wanted to post my Project 365 for this month. Here's all my pictures from March....

March 1 - Hanging with Coco as I watch American Idol tonight!

March 2 - Had a crazy day - was late for babysitting, Sydney missed the bus, had some bad storms, and the Father/Daughter dance was canceled. I did get to go out with my friends to Target though tonight :)

March 3 - Went to the Brad Paisley, Scotty McCreery, and The Band Perry concert tonight. So fun!

March 4 - I love babysitting Lorelei - she's so sweet!

March 5 - Went to the Zip Dip for the first time this year!

March 6 - Having a slumber party with Coco tonight!

March 7 - Waffles + whipped cream + strawberries = a really good dinner!

March 8 - Went to Five Guys for dinner with Dad tonight!

March 9 - Went to Nicci's house last night for her birthday party!

March 10 - Coco laying in my bag!

March 11 - Went to Rock Bottom for dinner tonight before seeing West Side Story!

March 12 - Mom bought 2 of my favorite ice creams today!

March 13 - Beautiful day here in the 70s!

March 14 - Had a really good day today! It was 80 degrees, I went to Qdoba and Target with Mom, and then we went to a jewelry party. So fun!

March 15 - Mom's friend made her these cookies today. Yummy!

March 16 - Went to a bonfire party at Dan & Michelle's tonight!

March 17 - Went out to Rookwood to eat at The Rusty Bucket, shop, and have Yagoot tonight!

March 18 - Another gorgeous day here! It feels like summer!

March 19 - I'm trying to figure out why Coco is so cute!

March 20 - Finally got to eat Zip Dip outside since it was hot today :)

March 21 - Crazy gas prices!

March 22 - Went to The Farm for dinner tonight for Dan's birthday!

March 23 - Had so much fun celebrating Cameron's birthday tonight at dinner and the bookstore!

March 24 - Had a super successful shopping trip tonight with Danielle!

March 25 - Went to Five Guys for dinner tonight with Mom!

March 26 - Packing to leave for Kairos tomorrow!

March 27 - Saying goodbye to Coco before I leave :(

March 28
Unfortunately, I can't post this picture because it pertains to a secret I have to keep - ha! I'll tell you about it in a later post :)

March 29 - Hanging out on Karios!

March 30 - Love my small group!

March 30 - Had so much fun watching Maddie and Sydney in their dance recital tonight!

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