Sunday, March 11, 2012

Christmas in.....March?

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I'll do a post on what I've been up to later this week!

My mom was on a cruise last week, and she came home on Friday. We went and picked her up at the airport. She had a lot of fun, and she brought me back so many fun goodies! I just had to share because I felt like it was Christmas in March - ha!

Lilly Pulitzer has a store in Key West, so she checked that out and bought me a cute little notebook. So fun!

She was on a cruise with the writer Karen Kingsbury. If you've never read her books, you should check them out because they are all really good!

There were also a bunch of different singers and bands on the cruise too. These 2 cds she bought are SO good!

I especially love Britt Nicole. Her music is really good, and my mom met her and said she was so sweet too!

Oh my gosh. This is the best pen in the entire world. I bought one when I went on my cruise over the summer, and I became obsessed. I used it so much that I used up all the ink. So I asked my mom to get me another one because I love them so much!

....and she didn't just get me 1 - but 2! I'm set for awhile now :)

How cute is this little heart shaped basket from the Bahamas?

Have you ever heard of this Cariloha store? I went to one over the summer, and it is SO cool and unique. All of their stuff is made out of bamboo! I didn't even know you could do that, but it's so neat.

My mom got me this cute shirt from there, and it is so unbelievably soft! Apparently it's supposed to keep you really cool too. I can't wait to wear it over the summer.

I'm so glad my mom's back - it's always so weird when someone in your family is gone for a few days! Like I said, I'll do an update on my crazy weekend later on this week!

Have a great Sunday :)

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