Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family, Shopping, and Shoes

Hey guys! I hope you had a really good weekend, because I know I did!

On Friday night I went out to dinner with my aunts and cousins to celebrate my cousin's birthday. It was so fun! We ended up meeting at a restaurant called Bronte, which was actually inside a bookstore!

After we ate, we went to the children's section of the bookstore to look around. It was SO crazy. We were all walking around, laughing, and tossing little balls back and forth. We thought we were going to get thrown out of there :)

Then we went and walked over to Nordstrom Rack for a little bit until it closed. I love that store!

Saturday night I went out to the mall with my friend Danielle. I had so much fun eating Chick-fil-a and then walking around and shopping. It was a really successful shopping trip too! Both Danielle and I found some cute things!

I got 2 new pairs of shoes too that I am obsessed with. I hardly ever buy new shoes, so I think I'm totally set for summer now. But seriously, how cute are both of these pairs that I got?

I love those wedges - they're super cute and actually really comfortable. If you're looking for a comfy pair of wedges - check them out. I'm obsessed!

Sign of a successful and fun shopping trip! I got a lot of good deals too :)

Today has been a little bit more of a laid-back day. We went to visit my grandpa in the hospital this morning, and then my mom and I hit Target and Kroger's this afternoon. Tonight we went to Five Guys for dinner - so yum!

I'm going on retreat this week, so I've only got 2 days of school. I think I can handle that - ha! I'm a little nervous but I'm excited to have a little break from the routine of school :)

I hope you all have a great start to your week.

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