Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Project 365: March 2014

March was another fun month. One of my favorite things about Project 365 is being able to look back at the end of each month at all of the good things that happened!

March 1 - Kappa Delta Mother's Weekend!

March 2 - Winter storm rolling in....escaped for a little while to get Rock Bottom but had to skip Evita to get back home.

March 3 - Had a tough time getting out of the subdivision this morning since I had school on this snow day!

March 4 - Mardi Gras treats at work today!

March 5 - Is it pathetic when dinner turns out to be one of the highlights of the day?

March 6 - Taking over my bed....

March 7 - Someone is enjoying this warmer weather!

March 8 - Celebrated doing well on our OV exam with a trip to Graeter's!

March 9 - YESSSS!!

March 10 - Such a silly girl!

March 11 - Felt like summer today and it was absolutely amazing.

March 12 - Pretty sky on my drive home tonight!

March 13 - Someone is crying because she doesn't want to be with me but wants mom instead..... :(

March 14 - Wearing my wedges for the first time this year as I head out to Yagoot, Rookwood, and Target on my first day of spring break!

March 15 - Had a great day of relaxing, painting my nails, going to dinner, and having a bonfire at our family friend's!

March 16 - The fact that she just decided to lay on my pillow makes her such a diva dog!

March 17 - Made cookies just  for fun tonight!

March 18 - Went to Incline House for dinner with Danielle tonight!

March 19 - Started my new book today which is totally me!

March 20 - Successful Kenwood shopping day with Danielle!

March 21 - Such a fabulous day! Met Dad downtown for lunch at First Watch and Yagoot, got a cupcake from Abby Girl Sweets to go, worked on cake pops, walked at the park since it was sunny & 65, read my book outside, and watched a movie.

March 22 - Chilling with Coco between a Kenwood trip and babysitting.

March 23 - Made a batch of just for fun summer themed cake pops for the first day back from spring break tomorrow!

March 24 - Had chocolate all the way from Belgium today!

March 25 - Got my new purse in the mail today!

March 26 - One of the best things to come to after a busy day: good ice cream :)

March 27 - Getting a sneak peek of Shamrock pinwheels!

March 28 - Had so much fun at Shamrock tonight!

March 29 - Yes, that would by my dog sleeping with her head propped up on a pillow.

March 30 - Spending the evening with Coco after a day of Greek Games and a KBS meeting!

March 31 - Opening Day dinner at Cancun's!

I hope you all had a great March. I'm still in disbelief that it's April already!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hectic Season

I haven't written a blog post in close to two weeks. In fact, I went over a week without even checking up on  the other blogs I regularly read. Last week, I dropped off of all social media for a few days. It's just a hectic season I'm in.

Classes are winding down, which means projects and/or tests in every single class these last few weeks. I've been busy with my sorority too, which is super fun, but that still takes up a lot of my time.

I'm in a weird place in the semester though. Life's crazy busy and I long for a little bit of free time to clear my head, but at the same time, I'm a little scared at how fast the time is going. I only have EIGHT days of class left for my first year of college plus two exams during exam week. That's hardly anything left, and a part of me doesn't like the fact that I'm one month away from turning another year older.

Life is happening too fast.

But even despite the long days, tough classes, and busy agenda, I'm still really enjoying my time in college.

Here's just a few of the fun things that have happened since I last posted....

I took this picture towards the end of spring break, and I love the way that Coco kind of looks like she's smiling too!

For the first day back from spring break, I made summer themed cake pops just for fun to bring in for my learning community. It was nice to make some "just because" - I don't think I've done that in months.

The anchors turned out to be one of my favorites!

One of my professors led a trip to Paris and Belgium over spring break (which I will hopefully be going on in two years!), and she brought back our class chocolate all the way from Belgium. You know I was all over that!

This dog's tongue......such a crazy girl.

Last week, I was in the mood for ice cream, so I ran to the store and picked up these two kinds. I have always been a fan of the Edy's Thin Mint ice cream, so I went looking for that. I was disappointed to see that they no longer sell it, but I picked up the Breyer's version thinking it would be the same. It didn't live up to my expectations though - the ice cream itself was mint flavored and was so overpoweringly minty. Ben & Jerry's Half Baked though? That's still one of my absolute favorite ice creams!

I still have more to catch up on, including my Project 365 for March, but we'll see how long that takes me to get around to :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunny and 65

Friday was one of my favorite days of spring break. I just had one of those days where I was so happy that I couldn't stop smiling all day.

I slept in and met my dad for lunch downtown. It was fun because I don't normally do that. We had lunch at First Watch, and I got their Fresh Fruit Crepes - my favorite!

Then we went and got some Yagoot. Yum! Plus it was so warm outside that I broke out a new pair of sandals while walking around. The first few times you wear sandals for the season is always something special ;)

I also officially had my first flower spotting of the year. Wahooooo! Summer is so close I can practically taste it.

Since I was downtown and don't get to go downtown all that often, I just HAD to treat myself to a cupcake too. I picked up a chocolate peanut butter one and enjoyed it later in the afternoon!

When I got home, I started working on some cake pops while I watched Frozen for the second time this week. One of my simple pleasures is working on cake pops with a musical turned up loud so I can sing along.

I also went for a really long walk at the park. I cranked up some good country music and didn't want to leave because it was so warm that I was wearing capris and a t-shirt. And I was still hot! It felt absolutely wonderful to have an afternoon to take my time at the park, listen to some music, and enjoy the weather.

I spent the rest of the afternoon until dinner reading my book outside with Coco on my lap. I don't think there's anything better than soaking up the sunshine and warm air.

After dinner my Friday night consisted of watching the movie Jerry Maguire, which I had never actually watched before.

Friday may have been a pretty simple and relaxing day, but it was one of the best days I've had in a long time because I didn't have anything I had to do or anywhere I had to go, so I could actually spend my time doing things I wanted to do just for fun. I don't think I have near enough days like that in my life so I cherish them when I get them.

And another fabulous thing about Friday? I did absolutely no school work. I'd done at least a little bit of homework every single day of spring break, but I knew that I needed at least one day to take a break from it all, and it was glorious. I didn't check my email or think about school at all, which was just the break I needed.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Glamorous? No. Fun? Yes!

I've been on spring break this week. I haven't been doing anything glamorous like going to the beach or traveling to another country, but I have enjoyed my break so much.

This is the first year I've ever had a spring break. Normally I had a few days off around Easter, and we would be lucky to get three days off of school. This whole week of thing though? Have to say I'm loving it :)

This entire semester has been busy and just flown by, so it's been wonderful to have a few days to step back, relax, and slow down before the pace picks back up again for the last month of school. I've had time to sleep in, watch a ton of movies, read, and even just sit and do nothing. And sometimes just sitting on the couch for a few minutes doing nothing (not even watching TV!) is the perfect thing.

Here's what I've been up to over spring break so far.....

My break kicked off last Friday since I don't have class, so I took the opportunity to spend the afternoon shopping at one of my favorite outdoor shopping malls. I got Yagoot for lunch and then did a little shopping by myself. The weather was nice and warm too, so I even broke out my favorite wedges for the first time this year. It was fabulous!

On Saturday I had time to paint my nails before going out to dinner with my parents and some family friends. Painting my nails doesn't seem like a big deal, but I probably hadn't done it in over a month simply because I've been too busy. I always feel more accomplished though when I have a fresh coat of polish on my nails.

This has also been a common occurrence - cuddling with Coco in bed while watching a movie. I think I've watched a movie just about every night. I don't keep up with any TV shows (I'm just about the only college student in America that doesn't have or ever watch Netflix), but I'm a sucker for movies, even if I've already seen it a ton of times as I tend to watch the same movies over and over.

I made sugar cookies earlier this week just for fun. They turned out looking pretty cute, but I was unimpressed with how they tasted. Those pretty and delicious iced sugar cookies are one thing I have not yet been able to master, but I am determined to keep trying!

This picture makes me laugh because my dog is absolutely obsessed with cheese. She knows when you've got some and won't leave you alone until you share. Cheese is also just about the only thing she'll actually sit for. Don't you love how patiently she's sitting there waiting for some? ;)

On Tuesday night I went to dinner at Incline House with my friend Danielle. I love that restaurant, and Danielle and I always try to go when she's in town. The food is great (there is a sandwich I get every time that I could practically write an entire book on why I love it so much - ha!), and the view is absolutely spectacular.

I worked a few days this week, and on Wednesday I ate lunch by myself and brought along a new book to start. I am in love with this book already. Paris and chocolate are two of my favorite things in the world, and when you put them together - perfection!

Just chillin' - that's pretty much been my motto all week.

Cheering on our bearcats yesterday. So sad they ended up losing......

I went on a shopping trip yesterday with Danielle, and it was so fun since I hadn't been to the mall in a while. I ended up getting some fun stuff (like my favorite cardigan ever in another color on sale!). Evidence that it was a successful shopping day....

I also ordered this purse, which I am so excited to get. I think it's going to be so perfect for spring! I have enough purses to last me a lifetime, but I hadn't treated myself to a new one in over a year, and I have a bit of a purse obsession problem.

I hope you all are having a fun week even if it might not be the most glamorous!