Sunday, November 9, 2014

Project 365: October 2014

Yeah, blogging is still not a priority, but at least I have some time to post my Project 365!

Life is still just as crazy, if not even more crazy, than the last few months. I'm starting a full time co-op job next semester, and I'm currently in the midst of trying to get on my sorority's council. I'm also moving into the sorority house next semester, which is insane. That was not part of my original college plan, but I could not be more excited!

Here's what I was up to during the month of October. I think you'll see that most of October was spent doing Kappa Delta things :)

October 1 - I've still got a month until I start listening to Christmas music full time, but every once in a while you just need a little Christmas music to cheer you up.

October 2 - Crafting for my future little at the KD house with a Starbucks in my hand. Feeling like the stereotypical sorority girl ;)

October 3 - New Member Retreat!

October 4 - Spent all day with KD sisters eating breakfast, shopping, crafting, and going to dinner!

October 5 - KBS brunch, Incline House, and seeing Dirty Dancing make for a pretty great Sunday.

October 6 - Officially accepted a co-op job today for spring semester!

October 7 - Ever since I got my rain boots, I look forward to rainy days now!

October 8 - Class, a finance exam, work, dinner with my pearl, and then some relaxing with Coco!

October 9 - KD family dinner - literally had so much fun tonight!

October 10 - Spent the afternoon/evening at Kenwood just doing some shopping by myself, So happy to see Christmas stuff up in Macy's already!

October 11 - Had a super relaxing day at home, went to dinner at Dewey's, and watched a movie bed!

October 12 - A cookie and some hot chocolate make spending a Sunday afternoon doing homework a little more bearable.

October 13 - It's a good thing this dog is cute because she barked tonight and kept me up....

October 14 - Dug out this awesome peacock necklace today since I decided to go to the $5 prom social later this week!

October 15 - Graeter's makes everything better.

October 16 - Had so much fun tonight at the $5 prom social!

October 17 - KBS Formal tonight!

October 18 - Had such a fun day running errands, going to the Skyzone sisterhood, shopping for littles, crafting, and spending the night at the KD house!

October 19 - Cheered on sisters at the Derby Days 5K and finished all of my little crafts today!

October 20 - Up late yet again today finishing up some things for my little, doing homework, and working on cake pops. Life is so crazy full right now.

October 21 - Last year I sat outside on campus during Big/Little week, and this year during Big/Little week, I sat under the same tree in the same spot but couldn't stop thinking about how much has changed for the better in the past year.

October 22 - Up late tonight finishing up my Kappa Delta cake pops after finding out that I will officially be moving into the house next semester!

October 23 - Celebrating Founders' Day at a pumpkin patch tonight!

October 24 - Spent the afternoon with Mom and Maddie at the zoo and had big/little reveal tonight. Perfect day with family!

October 25 - I got to sleep in today and take my time getting ready before spending the evening with my KD sisters! 

October 26 - Went to the Halloween event at Bayley before doing homework all afternoon/evening....

October 27 - Sometimes it's 10:00 on a Monday night, and you just have to stop on your way home for cookies.

October 28 - Just another day at UC....

October 29 - College just might turn me into a coffee drinking considering I made myself a cup this morning because caffeine was a necessity.

October 30 - Halloween cake pops!

October 31 - "Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!"

So yeah, October has been very busy. I just love where I'm at in life right now though that the craziness doesn't seem too bad. A lot of changes are coming up in my life over the next few months and although I'm not normally good with change, I actually couldn't be more excited. I also have a great November planned, so I am thrilled about the way things are working out right now ;)

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