Monday, March 5, 2012

The Rest of the Weekend

I thought I would do a little update on the rest of my weekend since I already posted about Friday and Saturday!

On Sunday we got up real early to take my mom to the airport because she was heading off to a cruise. I'm so jealous!

I loved going to the airport though because I have this weird obsession with them! I love walking around airports :)

When I got home I worked on a little homework and hung out with my favorite puppy!

Then I babysat in the afternoon. I love babysitting this little girl because she's so cute and sweet. I loved her outfit with the angel wings on the back!

I think this is just the cutest picture ever!

My dad brought me up some O'Charley's for dinner, and then we I got home, I got into my pajamas early and watched a movie. It felt so good!

I was off school today, and I woke up to this.....

I was NOT happy, especially considering my mom has been texting me pictures of the ocean.....

I really haven't done much today. I did meet some friends for lunch, and then I had to babysit for a little bit, but now I'm home and hoping I can maybe talk my dad into some ice cream tonight and then come home and watch a movie.

Getting up and going to school tomorrow is going to be torture!

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