Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dogs, Fun, and Beachy Cake Pops

I was off school on Friday, so I hung around my house for a while and my cousin stopped over so we could see her new puppy, Lilly. Isn't she absolutely adorable?

She is just a little ball of fur!

We were all cracking up at how Coco and Lilly were playing with each other!

That night I went over my friend Erin's house. We watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I would not recommend!) and Horrible Bosses. It was nice to see most of my friends because I feel like I never get to see them on the weekends anymore.

On Saturday I hung around my house most of the day, and then my family went out to these 2 little towns in Indiana called Oldenburg and Batesville. My grandparents grew up there, so my dad showed us around where his parents grew up. We ate dinner out there, and then stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home. Yum!

My friend Nicci came over when I got home, and we spent about 3 hours just talking. I can't remember the last time we did that, but it was fun to catch up!

Today has been a cake pop day! I made cake pops just for the fun of it today, and I took pictures along the way, so here's how I made them! I found this tutorial online, and I followed it because I thought they looked fun!

I decided to try a different type of cake this time. I like the Butter Golden flavor, but chocolate is still my favorite!

Then I mixed it with Classic White icing. For some reason we have about 5 different tubs of icing in my fridge, so I had a wide variety to choose from!

Here are all of my cake balls rolled out....

Then I made all of these little flip flops since I decided to make beachy pops! These took forever because I made each one by hand, but I had so much fun doing them.

I had to have some sand on my cake pops, so I got these shortbread cookies and crumbled them up to look like sand.

If you ever make cake pops, you have to get this brand of candy coating. I've tried several different kinds, and this brand is the best for flavor and consistency. I always find it at Biggs.

Then these are my completed pops!

I'm a little nervous no one will be able to tell what they are when I bring some to school on Tuesday....

Oh well. I think they're cute!

Have a great week! I'm so glad to be off school again tomorrow. Yay for 4 day weekends!

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