Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving that Immaculee Ilibagiza came and talked at our school yesterday. She wrote the book Left to Tell, which was such a good book. I highly recommend it! I'm thinking about writing a whole post on it because the book was so good! It was SO interesting hearing her talk.

I'm loving that this is a short week since I was off school on Monday.

I'm loving that I have short school weeks the next few weeks too!

I'm loving that I watched 5 movies over my long weekend. It was nice to have some time to just relax instead of being super busy.

I'm loving this quote I found on Pinterest the other day!

I'm loving that I watched Tangled last night! Every chapter in my American History class, we get a new extra credit topic that our extra credit questions are based off of. This chapter it's Tangled, so I had to watch it yesterday to refresh my memory :)

I'm loving that this week is about half way over already! I can't wait for it to be completely over since I have a Chemistry test tomorrow and Friday!

Happy Wednesday!

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