Friday, February 24, 2012

Cheers to Art!

Yesterday I had an absolutely perfect day! Everything was just so great! I had hardly any homework. It was actually a record low :) I finished everything in about 30 minutes. I don't have any tests or quizzes today either, which has happened once, maybe twice all year!

Then my mom and I met some of my aunts and my cousin at this place called Cheers to Art!

This place was so cute! Everyone had their own easel and canvas, and they walked you through step-by-step how to paint a scene. Yesterday they were teaching you how to paint the Tuscan hillside!

My blank canvas....

My hill and sky...

Almost finished!

My competed masterpiece - ha! It was actually really easy to do, and it was SO fun. We were laughing so much. They were playing really good music and had some fruit, cookies, cheese, and cake to eat while you were painting. It was a really neat and unique place - I would love to go back!

My mom and I with our paintings.

Our whole group

These are some of the other paintings they do.

I would love to do that Eiffel Tower one, or the one below it with the water and the boat.

I thought this owl one would be fun and cute too.

After we were finished painting, my mom and I stopped at Yagoot on the way home.

I'm so blessed - yesterday was such a great day :)

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