Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shopping, Cookies, and Movies

This weekend has been pretty laid back. I haven't had too much homework, so it's been nice to relax a little this weekend.

On Friday night I went shopping with my friend Abby out at Rookwood, which is a little outdoor shopping center. It was a lot of fun!

We of course had to stop and get Yagoot before we headed home!

On Saturday morning I got up and went out to get my mom's birthday present (her birthday's on Tuesday!). I love this wrapping paper and bow I picked out - SO cute!

I let her open it yesterday since there were cookies inside! These cookies are our favorite - they're so cute and yummy!

Kind of a random picture, but I took this on Saturday..... Coco desperately needs a haircut soon!

I finally got around to painting my nails too! I've been meaning to do this for a week or so now, but I just haven't had time. I'm so glad I finally got it done :)

That night my parents had plans to go to the UC basketball game, so that left me all to myself. I invited my friends over......and no one could come. I can't figure out how 7 people could all have plans already considering I asked them yesterday around 1. That's another story though for a different day :) Anyway, I just stayed home and watched 3 movies by myself - ha!

I watched.......

The Clique. Hahahaha. I went downstairs and picked out some older movies that I hadn't seen in forever. I used to love these books. :)

Then I watched Serendipity. LOVE that one! I had seen most of it before, but I had missed the first half hour. We had the full movie on DVR, so I finally saw the whole thing through. It's seriously the cutest movie and makes me want to go back to New York City!

Then I watched What a Girl Wants. I hadn't seen that movie in forever either, and it is such a great movie!

Today I went to brunch with my family, which is always so fun!

We went to Uno's for dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday. I hadn't had Uno's in forever, and it was SO good!

We don't have any Super Bowl plans tonight, so it looks like I'll just be chilling at home, and maybe watching some of the game for the commercials. I might just skip it though and watch a movie - ha!

Hopefully you all had a more exciting weekend than I did :)

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