Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 51

Today was a better day than I thought it would be. I was unbelievably tired because I was up late after the dance last night. But, the school day was pretty easy. I didn't have computer - I had group guidance instead :) I also ended up not having my english quiz today either! After school I had play practice. It's kind of cool because it is the first big thing I have been involved in at Seton. OH! All of my friends are freaking out about Algebra 2 right now - I think it is so weird that I already went through all of that! Although I loved Algebra, I am excited to have the easier class right now :) Thankfully I didn't have a lot of homework tonight, so I got to workout and take a shower! I am also doing good with my giving up chocolate. We even got our Girl Scout cookies today, and I still haven't cracked under the pressure yet! I think I might be able to last longer than a week! Although, I still don't think I am going to be able to make it the entire time. I also got my class ring today. I was so excited, even though I was shocked that most of my friends didn't get one. I really like it :) I think it is going to be a good keepsake from high school :) Well, I think I am going to go read some of Dear John, so I'd better go. I'm not sure I will able to blog tomorrow because I have practice after school and then we are going to eat with everyone tomorrow night @ Diane's :)

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