Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 35

Saturday was still a very snowy day, so I went to Delhi Par 3 with Aly and Kelley to go sled riding. That was pretty much fun, especially since I don't get to see Kelley a lot anymore. I did however, figure out that I need to get in shape....I was SO tired after I got home. That night we went to Cincinnati Bell to try and figure out my stupid phone. Then Bri texted me telling me that she was having people over. I was pretty excited since I hadn't been able to do anything with my friends the night before. Well, it ended up that only me and Katie could go so we decided to go see Dear John. Then Katie couldn't go, so we ended up not doing anything. It was a real bummer. Mom, Dad, and I did end up heading out to Northgate though just to get out of the house. It ended up not being too bad of a night, but I was still annoyed that all of my plans with my friends were falling through.

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