Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 41

I didn't have a chance to blog last night either....and yesterday was a very good day :) At shcool I had 4 subs, so it was a pretty easy school day. Even though we did have a Biology test. I was worried about Health class like always since she loves to spring surprise quizzes on us, but Health was actually a lot of fun. We had to pick our own groups (which I HATE because I don't know a lot of people in that class). I ended up getting a good group though, and we came up with some pretty funny skits (That's weird. I didn't know she had a Jewish friend.) - haha! After school I had callbacks for the Freshman play, and I know that I at least made the play, but I don't know which character I am going to be yet. Then I went and cleaned at Grandpa's house. This is so sweet - Grandpa is going to give money to this little girl, Ava, who was hit by a drunk driver. He has never even met her and he is doing this. I think that sometimes the generosity that people show to complete strangers is enough to keep me going :) i went to Skyline with Abby last night. It was funny because it was just us because everyone else was at the basketball game. Then, abby came back over to my house to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and the We Are The World remake (the Jonas Brothers were in it!). Some of my other friends came over after the basketball games last night. I had a lot of fun! We played Charades, listened to music, and talked. A lot of them never knew I had a business card collection. They thought that it was really funny and cool. I think some of them want to start grabbing some for me when they are out. I honestly haven't collected them in FOREVER! I used to love to do it though :) I think we counted that I had about 300 of them. I think the one that I have from the farthest away would be Australia. I also have Paula Deen's business card, which is probably my coolest one :) HAHA!

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