Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 49

Saturday was a much better day than Friday, and much more eventful. Mom and I got up early to go out to Kenwood to do some shopping :) I think we were at the mall by 10:00 - we wanted to get there early! - haha! It also happened to be free Auntie Anne's pretzel day at the mall. And they were SO good! It just about made my day. I also saw a really cute summer dress at Macys, but they didn't have my size, so we stopped at the downtown Macys to get it. We also met Dad for lunch at Skyline when we were done because he was working. Then, we went to Aunt Linda & uncle Jim's house to work on my art project. And, we got it all done! It turned out better than I expected, except I got pretty bummed when I put a glaze over top of it that smeared the entire thing :( Even though, it doesn't look too bad. I went to see Valentine's Day with my friends, and that was a really cute movie :) I really liked it. Well, that was about it for my Saturday :)

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