Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 37

Monday...need I say more? I absolutely HATE Monday mornings. Today was a rather uneventful day...(I think I am starting to write this a little too much!). I desperately need to find some new ways to make everyday interesting. I need something good to blog about each day! Well, I did watch an episode of JONAS today, so that made it a pretty good day. I also found out that I got a 100 on my Geometry test! I was pretty excited about that. I didn't have too much homework today, so that was a good thing. They are calling for snow tomorrow, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get a snow day tomorrow. I am in desperate need of one! I really don't want to go to school :( But I think if we get what they are actually calling for, we shouldn't have school tomorrow. All of the teachers think that we are going to be off tomorrow, and so all of us, so if we actually have to go to school, it is going to be a LONG day. Well, I am so beat today because Mom and I did our Jillian Michaels workout for the first time today. It was a killer. I seriously need to get into shape. This was one serious workout....therefore, I am so tired I can hardly stand it right now. ;)

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