Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 30

Today was a good day; an average day, but still good none the less. At school, we had a messed up schedule, and ended up accidentally staying in Biology an extra 10 minutes. Our computer teacher was really annoyed, but it wasn't my fault! I didn't have a lot of homework, so that was good :) I found out that I got an A+ on my Ethan Frome report! I was so excited because that is the best I have ever done on one of his essays. At first I was worried because I was scrolling down my report and there was nothing written on it, but that was because all he wrote on it was A+, great job on it. I also changed Mom's ringtone today to Single Ladies by Beyonce. It cracks me up that she actually likes this song :) She is also into I've Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas (haha!). While I was changing her ringtone, I decided to change the ringtone of when I call her. It now plays Tonight (Jonas Brothers) and shows a picture of me & Nick ;) I keep calling her phone! Well, the NJ&TA album comes out tomorrow!! I am SO excited. Although I have listened to most of the songs, I specifically didn't listen to a few so I would be suprised tomorrow...and I am sure I will be pleasantly surprised! I seriously can't wait...Well, I'd better go. I think I am either going to read or watch a movie now :)

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