Friday, September 5, 2014

Planner Decorating

You probably know by now just how obsessed I am with my Erin Condren life planner. I'm on my third one, and I absolutely adore them because you can personalize them and they are so high quality that they still look brand new even after using them for an entire year!

This is what my planner looks like this year - I love this design!

About a month ago I was on YouTube and stumbled across a video where a girl was doing a tutorial on how she decorates her planner.

And it kind of blew my mind.

I had never thought to decorate my planner before because it's pretty darn cute to begin with. The weekly spreads are colorful with a different color scheme each month. But as I was watching this video and realizing how cute this girl was making her planner, I was totally inspired to do the same thing!

She suggested getting some washi tape, which I had honestly never heard of. Essentially it's crafting tape that is see through with different designs on it. You could use it for just about anything, but it works perfectly in a planner.

She also had a bunch of stickers that she used to decorate some of the pages as well, which I thought was a super cute idea.

So I went to Hobby Lobby and Michael's and got some supplies. I bought 4 different kinds of washi tape (which was WAY more than I needed but I wanted some variety). The prints I got were pink chevron, floral, pink and white polka dot, and cupcakes. I also got some beach, Paris, and Christmas stickers. I had a few Halloween, Disney, and puppy stickers already, so I ended up using some of those as well.

I was dying over these Paris stickers - why have I not thought about doing this before?!

Then I went through each week of my planner and decorated it with stickers and washi tape. If something special is going on in a certain week, I tried to put stickers that went along with that. I have a bunch of pumpkin stickers in October, with Halloween ones the week of Halloween. I have dog bones around Coco's birthday, and a TON of Christmas stickers during December. Seriously - how stinkin' adorable is this elf sticker I have on the night I'm going to see the play Elf?

I had to put this Eiffel Tower on the week of my birthday because duh!

This is the cupcake washi tape. It is SO me.

I think decorating my planner has made it so much more personalized and fun. I love turning the page to a new week and seeing a different sticker theme for the week. If you have a planner, you should think about decorating it - it was so fun to do, and I just love how much cuter each week is now!

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