Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Project 365: August 2014

Here's what I was up to during the month of August.....

August 1 - Actually starting to get a little excited that Hallmark has Halloween and Christmas stuff out...

August 2 - Relaxing before grabbing dinner and ice cream with Danielle!

August 3 - Loved LumenoCity this year!

August 4 - Gorgeous Day for a walk around campus on my lunch break!

August 5 - Easton day with mom! I tried Le Chocoholique's Frosted Cupcake Hot Chocolate and it was SO yummy!

August 6 - Diva.

August 7 - Stayed at home all day today and did some baking, crafting, and relaxing!

August 8 - Celebrated Maddie's birthday today!

August 9 - Putting the finishing touches on my baking project website!

August 10 - This is what happens when Target has a really good sale on come home with four.

August 11 - I'm a happy person.

August 12 - Finished my Frosted Facebook page and finally launched everything today!!

August 13 - Blueberry French Toast for dinner tonight.

August 14 - One of my last free days of summer was spent running errands and finishing my Honors project. Lame.

August 15 - Georgia bound! It isn't a road trip unless Cracker Barrel and Rita's are involved.

August 16 - Had so much fun at Brad and Ashley's wedding today!

August 17 - Bought these in Pine Mountain yesterday. Is it bad that I have no need for these napkins but I just had to have them since they're Paris?

August 18 - Spirit Week started today, and after a fun day of lunch and dinner with friends, some relaxation with Coco was the perfect way to end the day!

August 19 - Love this baby!

August 20 - Going to bed early after another day of Spirit Week was perfect!

August 21 - Frozen yogurt after another day of Spirit Week!

August 22 - Kings Island sisterhood after Spirit Week!

August 23 - Went to Stephanie's going away party tonight!

August 24 - Ended my summer with lunch at Moerlein, getting stuff together, and watching Harry Potter. Do I really have to go back to school tomorrow?

August 25 - Beautiful sunset on my first day of my sophomore year of college!

August 26 - I love being able to sleep in a little more this semester and have some extra cuddle time with Coco in the mornings before school!

August 27 - School, work, and a finance meeting mean being on campus all day and trying out a new restaurant for dinner!

August 28 - Testing out some mini KD cake pops - so cute!

August 29 - Since I am done with class early on Fridays, I went to see If I Stay, got Zip Dip afterwards, and went to Acapulco's later for dinner!

August 30 - Spent the day being super productive as far as homework for this upcoming week is concerned, and then babysat in the evening!

August 31 - Went shopping at Kenwood today and got to use my free Sephora gift card on some new makeup!

This was a busy month - the end of my last free summer and the beginning of my sophomore year of college. I'm excited to see what September has in store!

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