Thursday, July 29, 2010

Babysitting Day :)

Today I didn't do a whole lot besides watch Maddie and Sydney this afternoon. I always have so much fun with those 2 little girls & I defintitely had a lot of fun today :) We watched The Princess and the Frog, played with Coco, colored, sang karaoke, and played air hockey. Everyone had a lot of fun, but I think everyone was beat by the end of the day (I know I was!). The girls decided to empty out all of the beanie babies - and a GIANT beanie baby decided to rest right on top :)

I thought it was really funny when I asked Maddie what she was going to do tonight and her answer was, "probably just go home and pray". I asked her if she meant "play" but she corrected me and said that she was going to "pray". Hahahaha I just thought that was so funny :)

Other than watching them I haven't been up to a whole lot. We went out to Graeters after dinner, and it was delicious! Black Raspberry Chip is just SO great :) Overall, it was a pretty great day!

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