Monday, July 26, 2010

Washington DC

Well, I thought I would give a little recap as to what we saw and did in Washington! It was a busy couple of days - I was EXHAUSTED every night!

When we got there on Wednesday, we headed to the Basilica & just walked around there. It was really pretty and absolutely HUGE! But it was really cool.

Then, we headed to Rita's! Ahhh, it was amazing. We went there 3 times while we there & I got the chance to try some new things too :) I had strawberry gelati the first night, chocolate oreo fudge blendini the next night, and a kiwi-strawberry gelati the last night.

The next day was monument overdrive! We saw SO many monuments that day it was crazy. I think that anyone who has ever done anything for the United States has something dedicated to them in DC. We saw the Lincoln memorial, Korea memorial, Vietnam memorial,and the World War 2 memorial - trust me it was a LOT of memorials, but they were really cool to see :) Then we went over to the White House, and that was so crazy to actually see something in real life that you see so often in pictures, movies, on TV, ect.

We also got to see the Thomas Jefferson memorial, and after dinner we went back to the Lincoln memorial and got some pictures of the monument lit up at night.

The next day we had our tour of the Capitol building, which was really neat! I really enjoyed that & I thought that the outside of the building was absolutely beatiful.

And this next picture just about made my day - to think that I stood in the exact same place that Nick Jonas once did was great. I just couldn't stop thinking about it! Hahahaha this was possibly the highlight of the trip (besides Rita's) :)

That day we also had a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (the money factory!) which was cool to see. We also went to the American History Museum & Rita's after dinner.

On Saturday we got up and went to the Archives and got to see the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. That was AMAZING to me - the fact that they still had the original documents that were created in the 1700s. And dummy me didn't even know that they were on display in DC until this past weekend. I had always thought that they were in Philadelphia for some reason - ha! Then we met up with Shelly for lunch at the Hard Rock cafe & went on a tour of the Ford's theater after lunch. After that, we went to the Old Post Office where we got to go up in the tower and get a pretty good view of DC.

I also really wanted to see the Hope diamond, which is a 45 carat blue diamond on display in the Natural History museum. That was unfortuantely the only thing we got to see in that museum because it was unbelieveably crowded. I thought I was going to pass out trying to see the Hope diamond - but it was totally worth it because I thought it was really cool and absolutely beautiful :)

That night we got to go to Rita's and I tried their Kiwi-Strawberry ice which was awesome. There is just nothing else like Rita's in this entire world. Well, that basically sums up DC. On the way home we stopped in Virginia and went to Monticello, which is Thomas Jefferson's house. It was neat to see. Today has been a day of resting for me because we were constantly going here or there, looking at monuments, walking, sweating, more walking, practically melting, ect, ect. :)

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