Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Project 365: January 2014

First month of 2014's Project 365 is over, and it was yet another great month!

January 1 - Dinner at Sakura to kick start 2014!

January 2 - Snow days mean no work, not leaving the house, staying in my pajamas, cuddling with Coco, taking a pink bubble rose-scented bath, drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies.

January 3 - Highlight of the day.

January 4 - Swimsuits are officially out at Target despite it being absolutely freezing here :)

January 5 - Made some yummy Cake Batter Bars on this relaxing Sunday!

January 6 - Broke out of the house on this freezing cold snow day to get dinner and Starbucks. Priorities!

January 7 - Another cold day with no school!

January 8 - First day back to school calls for Chick-fil-a and my own private study room!

January 9 - Love her!

January 10 - Always so weird driving by here....

January 11 - UC wins!

January 12 - It was finally warm enough to go for a walk at the park this afternoon!

January 13 - Loving on my puppy after the first Monday of classes in a LONG time.

January 14 - So blessed to have been appointed to Director of Alumnae Relations and Assistant Treasurer for Kappa Delta tonight!

January 15 - A snowy view of the Nippert construction this Wednesday.

January 16 - Came home to find a Reese's Egg waiting for me :)

January 17 - Such a fun day: Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Rita's, and visiting Danielle at Clemson!

January 18 - Such a fantastic day! Rita's, walking on the beach, and exploring Charleston. It doesn't get much better than that, especially in January!

January 19 - Such a good day in Charleston! Lots of yummy food, walking, shopping, great weather, and ghost tour. Just about a perfect day!

January 20 - Saying a sad goodbye to Charleston....

January 21 - Harsh reality to come home to....

January 22 - First stomach bug sick day in 7 years :( Thankfully I got to relax all day with Coco!

January 23 - Time for bed....

January 24 - Dressed and ready with no plans, so I made a last minute trip out to Rookwood for some Yagoot and shopping!

January 25 - The cold couldn't keep me from having a fun family night at Sky Zone and Steak & Shake!

January 26 - .........

January 27 - Experiencing new cultures with a trip to Jungle Jim's with Courtney and Emily this afternoon!

January 28 - Too cold for school, but not too cold for a Kenwood shopping trip!

January 29 - Eating my lunch while overlooking the LCB courtyard!

January 30 - Tried seaweed today. One word: disgusting.

January 31 - Kicked off the weekend with some hot yoga and Yagoot with Courtney today!

Usually I tend to think that January is the longest month ever since usually there isn't a whole lot of fun things going on. This January wasn't like that! I got to go to South Carolina this month and due to the weather, I have pretty much never been in school - ha! That made January 2014 fly by.

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