Sunday, September 8, 2013

Project 365: August 2013

Well, I guess this post is better late than never, right? I remember the days when I would publish these posts every time on the last day of the month. Ha! Those days are long gone :)

August 1 - Had perfect weather on this fun summer day: ate lunch and walked around downtown, saw The Conjuring, and had dinner at Cancun!

August 2 - Friday night fireworks downtown!

August 3 - Had so much fun at Lumenocity in Washington Park tonight!

August 4 - Beautiful and perfect night for Cabana :)

August 5 - Sleepy girl before bed....

August 6 - The Greene and Rita's - what could be better?

August 7 - Love her!

August 8 - A complete day of nothing: I didn't leave the house and stayed in my pajamas all day except to take a shower. Did lots of reading and watched Harry Potter....perfection!

August 9 - Yagoot Kenwood trip this afternoon!

August 10 - Love this city!

August 11 - Dinner at Incline House with Danielle tonight!

August 12 - Pandora even knows I'm starting to college and saying goodbye to friends this week :(

August 13 - One last meal before college with these girls tonight.

August 14 - Perfect day for a walk around campus on my lunch break!

August 15 - Spent the afternoon downtown with Danielle since it was her last day before moving to South Carolina :(

August 16 - $140 Isaac Mizrahi nude wedges for $20? Don't mind if I do!

August 17 - On a Disney princess cake pop mission....

August 18 - Princess party cake pops!!

August 19 - Took a very relaxing bath tonight :)

August 20 - Easton day with Mom!

August 21 - Skyline and a Red's game!

August 22 - Steak & Shake at 2 AM!

August 23 - Candy Land cake pops!

August 24 - In my happy place!

August 25 - The magic of Macy's....

August 26 - First day of college!! Treated myself to a Starbucks this afternoon :)

August 27 - Yum!

August 28 - Cute girl!

August 29 - At least she's finding my Business Law textbook useful...

August 30 - She's making it hard to leave for school this morning...

August 31 - Laziness.

August 2013 was a BIG month for me. I mean, friends moving away and starting college? Pretty crazy stuff! Hoping for some low-key months ahead......

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