Friday, March 14, 2014

Bipolar Weather

I think we have just about the most bipolar weather around here. As I was looking over the pictures I've taken the last few week that haven't made the blog, I realized that most of them have to do with the crazy weather we've been experiencing.

For example......

Two weekends ago, my family had tickets to see the show Evita downtown. I was excited, but they were calling for an ice/snow storm. We ended up getting out of the house and heading downtown for dinner at Rock Bottom, but then when we left dinner it was getting worse, so we just headed home. I was sad to have to miss the show, but at least we got out for a yummy dinner!

I snapped this picture out the window as we were driving home - the roads were pretty bad.

The next day I was just on a delay for school, but I almost couldn't make it out of my subdivision. I couldn't get my car up this hill - my mom ended up having to do it for me and even then it just barely made it. Insane!

We were able to make it through the rest of that week without any snow, and on Fat Tuesday I was pleasantly surprised to find that my work had a little food party. I went into the print room to find this.....

.....and this is what I grabbed. Have I mentioned how much I like my job? :) And if you've never tried the Russell Stover Red Velvet eggs, you really need to!

Continuing with the weird weather - I took this picture last week when it was heating up and the sun was shining. It was probably in the 50s and we still had some snow laying around. Typical Ohio weather. Coco was enjoying the sun though.

Last weekend I had a sorority thing where a woman from nationals came to observe our chapter. We ended up being done early, so I went with a few friends to Graeter's afterwards. Perfect Saturday night!

I made some cake pops last week because I had an order from my cousin. Although they aren't super fun like my Frozen ones, I figured I'd share them anyway - the theme was one of the local grade schools around here.

It was warm enough this past weekend that my family visited our favorite local creamy whip since they had just opened for the season. Summer can officially start now since Zip Dip is open!

This past Tuesday it went up to 70 DEGREES. It was absolutely amazing. I was walking around campus with a short sleeve shirt on and everyone was hanging around outside. It felt absolutely amazing and made me SO incredibly happy.

And then on Wednesday - less than 24 HOURS LATER it was in the 20s and snowing.

Here's to hoping for spring weather from here on out!

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