Friday, March 21, 2014

Glamorous? No. Fun? Yes!

I've been on spring break this week. I haven't been doing anything glamorous like going to the beach or traveling to another country, but I have enjoyed my break so much.

This is the first year I've ever had a spring break. Normally I had a few days off around Easter, and we would be lucky to get three days off of school. This whole week of thing though? Have to say I'm loving it :)

This entire semester has been busy and just flown by, so it's been wonderful to have a few days to step back, relax, and slow down before the pace picks back up again for the last month of school. I've had time to sleep in, watch a ton of movies, read, and even just sit and do nothing. And sometimes just sitting on the couch for a few minutes doing nothing (not even watching TV!) is the perfect thing.

Here's what I've been up to over spring break so far.....

My break kicked off last Friday since I don't have class, so I took the opportunity to spend the afternoon shopping at one of my favorite outdoor shopping malls. I got Yagoot for lunch and then did a little shopping by myself. The weather was nice and warm too, so I even broke out my favorite wedges for the first time this year. It was fabulous!

On Saturday I had time to paint my nails before going out to dinner with my parents and some family friends. Painting my nails doesn't seem like a big deal, but I probably hadn't done it in over a month simply because I've been too busy. I always feel more accomplished though when I have a fresh coat of polish on my nails.

This has also been a common occurrence - cuddling with Coco in bed while watching a movie. I think I've watched a movie just about every night. I don't keep up with any TV shows (I'm just about the only college student in America that doesn't have or ever watch Netflix), but I'm a sucker for movies, even if I've already seen it a ton of times as I tend to watch the same movies over and over.

I made sugar cookies earlier this week just for fun. They turned out looking pretty cute, but I was unimpressed with how they tasted. Those pretty and delicious iced sugar cookies are one thing I have not yet been able to master, but I am determined to keep trying!

This picture makes me laugh because my dog is absolutely obsessed with cheese. She knows when you've got some and won't leave you alone until you share. Cheese is also just about the only thing she'll actually sit for. Don't you love how patiently she's sitting there waiting for some? ;)

On Tuesday night I went to dinner at Incline House with my friend Danielle. I love that restaurant, and Danielle and I always try to go when she's in town. The food is great (there is a sandwich I get every time that I could practically write an entire book on why I love it so much - ha!), and the view is absolutely spectacular.

I worked a few days this week, and on Wednesday I ate lunch by myself and brought along a new book to start. I am in love with this book already. Paris and chocolate are two of my favorite things in the world, and when you put them together - perfection!

Just chillin' - that's pretty much been my motto all week.

Cheering on our bearcats yesterday. So sad they ended up losing......

I went on a shopping trip yesterday with Danielle, and it was so fun since I hadn't been to the mall in a while. I ended up getting some fun stuff (like my favorite cardigan ever in another color on sale!). Evidence that it was a successful shopping day....

I also ordered this purse, which I am so excited to get. I think it's going to be so perfect for spring! I have enough purses to last me a lifetime, but I hadn't treated myself to a new one in over a year, and I have a bit of a purse obsession problem.

I hope you all are having a fun week even if it might not be the most glamorous!

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