Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Best

Last weekend was one of the best. And you want to know what I did?

Honestly, not a whole lot. Sometimes the weekends where you don't have a lot of big plans can end up being the best just because of the simplicity.

My family made Lemon Blossoms late last week, so I enjoyed those all weekend. Having Lemon Blossoms on hand always makes for a better day!

Since I don't have class on Fridays and didn't actually have to run up to UC for anything (it seems like I always end up there on Fridays anyway!), I took my dog for a little walk at the park. She's just about the laziest dog ever and gets tired after a 10 minute walk, so we made it quick. It was still nice that it was warm enough to get outside.

I also got a lot of homework done in the afternoon. It wasn't too hard to get motivated when I was sitting on our couch in the sun with Coco laying at my feet!

I also finally got around to tackling a project I've been meaning to do since Christmas: updating my car decals. Although it made me a little sad to take off the Seton one.....

.....I was so happy to have a cute Kappa Delta one to replace it with, and I am absolutely obsessed with it!

I spent the rest of my Friday night with a trip to Target and then came home and watched The Wedding Planner while I pained my nails. It doesn't sound too exciting, but it was just what I needed after a few crazy weeks!

My friend Danielle came home for the weekend, so I met her for Skyline and Graeter's (what else?!) Saturday afternoon. I tried the new gelato for the first time, and although it was good, it still doesn't come close to comparing to Black Raspberry Chip.

The weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday. It was sunny and 60 degrees - fantastic weather for February! I was able to drive with my windows rolled down, which was awesome. There's nothing better than driving with the windows down and radio turned up. It felt just like spring!

I headed to the park again that afternoon because I didn't want to waste the good weather by just sitting inside. I went by myself, listened to some country music, and ended up walking 3.5 miles because I didn't want to leave. It felt so perfect to be walking in just a sweatshirt (and I was hot!) with some good music. I couldn't keep myself from smiling - I was so happy!

Last Sunday was another relaxing day mainly just hanging around my house and getting some homework done. The best part of the day though was when my mom went grocery shopping and brought me home some Oreos - my absolute favorite!

I hope you all had a great weekend - I'm really hoping to get caught up on some posts this week!

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