Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nail Favorites

Today's one of those I'm-too-busy-to-blog-so-I'm-just-going-to-pick-out-a-post-in-my-drafts kind of day :)


I love nail polish. I always feel so much more put together when I have freshly painted nails - ha! I try to paint my nails pretty frequently, so I like having a bunch of different colors to mix it up. My favorite nail polish brand is OPI. Probably around 98% of my nail polish is OPI :) I just love their colors, names, and durability.

I'm always looking for new nail polish colors, but I have a few that I just love. So, here's some of my favorite colors!

Favorite Red
A Oui Bit of Red
I love this red! It's a bright red that goes on super smooth and is super shiny!

Favorite Hot Pink
Strawberry Margarita
I have a few different shades of pink, but this is my favorite pink ever! I've actually gone through a whole bottle before and had to replace it :) I always wear this during the summer.

Favorite Brown
Chocolate Shakespeare
For some reason, I love wearing brown nail polish in the fall/winter. I really like Chocolate Shakespeare because it's a soft brown with a little bit of a shine to it.

Favorite Purple
Planks a Lot
I mostly wear pink or red nail polish, but I really love to wear this pastel purple every once in a while too!

Favorite Pink Sparkle
DS Reflection
This color is absolutely gorgeous. It's a pink mixed with gold flecks, and it is just such a unique color. OPI's whole DS line is really awesome!

Favorite Bronze
Brisbane Bronze
This color is so fun for fall too! It's darker than Chocolate Shakespeare, but still really pretty!

Favorite Cream
This is a really pretty cream off-white color. I really like the look of a cream/white nail polish, and this one is so pretty!

Favorite Blue
Ogre the Top Blue
I don't wear this color very often because it is very over the top :) It's a super bright blue that can be too much if you don't wear it right, but with the right outfit or event, it's such a fun color!

Favorite Set
Butter London Olympic Collection
I got this set during the Olympics, and I am totally obsessed. I love all three colors, and I really like the Butter London brand in general. I want to get a few of their other colors too. I'm not sure if you can still buy this set, but I think they sell the colors separately. The colors (from left to right) are: The Full Monty, Diamond Geezer, and The Old Bill.

What are some of your favorite nail colors or nail polish brands?

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