Monday, October 15, 2012

Recently: Lots of Baking!

Finally I have a little bit of time to do a quick blog post! I feel like a broken record, but I've just been too busy to blog.

I'm still taking my cake decorating classes on Thursdays. Last Thursday was the second class, and we actually got to decorate a cake this time! I liked this class a lot better than the first one, and the cake turned out pretty good and cute I think.

On Friday night I went to dinner with my parents and their friends. I'm totally not ashamed to say that I enjoy spending Friday nights with my parents and their friends every once in awhile :) We went to Larosa's and then back to their friends' house for a little bit.

Saturday night I went out to Rookwood with my friend Danielle. We ate at PF Changs, shopped around a little bit, and got Yagoot. Such a fun night!

After we were done shopping, I headed over my cousin's house for a bonfire. My cousin Erin (who's getting married on Saturday!) has bonfires pretty frequently, and she always invites me to them too. I try to go whenever I can because I love spending time with my family. My parents and some of my other cousins were over there too, so it ended up being a ton of fun :)

Yesterday my family actually went back out to Rookwood because I was supposed to meet someone near there, but she didn't show up. So back to Rookwood we went to kill some time before going to see if she was there. Oh well - I did find a batter dispenser I've seen online before that I was actually going to order. Bed Bath & Beyond had it though, so I had to buy it of course. How genius is this for making cupcakes?!

I also made cake pops for my aunt too! She emailed me the other day asking if she could buy some cake pops from me for a wedding shower she was throwing at work. I obviously said yes!

That brings my total cake pop earnings up to $150! One of my cousins texted me yesterday asking if I would make some for her daughter's (my godchild's) 1st birthday party. I'm super excited about making those too. I feel like my cake pop business is really taking off. Ha!

And that's pretty much been my weekend. You might not hear from me for awhile - I've got lots of school things due and tests this week because it's the end of the quarter. I'll try to pop in sometime before the week is over!

Have a great week though!

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