Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Tale of 100 Cake Pops

The last few days have been crazy! I thought it was going to be a relaxing weekend, but it was pretty much the exact opposite!

On Thursday night my school had our annual Open House. I worked it as I have done for the past 3 years. It was SO weird knowing that this was my last time to give tours!

When I got home from that, I had cake pops I needed to work on. One of the girls in my grade asked if I would make cake pops for her that were Cross Country themed. She runs Cross Country and had a meet that she was going to watch on Saturday. At first I had NO idea what to do for Cross Country cake pops. They ended up turning out pretty cute though I think.

The running figure was my favorite!

I was off school on Friday so my mom and I went out to the mall for a little bit in the morning. It wouldn't be a day off school if I didn't go shopping with my mom!

Macy's even has all of their Christmas stuff out which makes me SO happy!

We didn't have a whole lot if time at the mall because my mom had to go to work at 3. So I headed out myself to run some errands.

The main things I had to pick up were supplies for Halloween cake pops! I also had some other gifts to get. I thought it was funny how I spent over $80 and only $15 was really spent on something for me (a new holiday cake pop book!). I've decided I need to do that more though - I need to get better at giving gifts even if it's for no real reason!

This was my cart at Target - I felt like with food and gifts I should be a mom and not a teenager :)

The loot - ha!

When I got home I started working on my cake pops. I had a lot to make - for the Halloween ones alone I made a batch and a half (around 75 cake pops) because I have a bunch of people I want to give them to this week!

I worked Friday night and Saturday morning to get them done. I ended up doing a bunch of different ones. Some of the designs were suggestions from the kids I babysit. Let me tell you, they have an eye for detail and have some excellent ideas! I know they're going to be thrilled when I bring them a bunch of cake pops tomorrow because they've been asking me about them for weeks!

I ended up making witches...





...and ghosts!

I made my first ever cake pop bouquet too! I've envisioned a cute little bouquet of cake pops before, but I'd never actually tried it out. Well I finally did! My cousin Erin got married last weekend and her and her husband came back from their honeymoon today. So I made them some cake pops as a surprise for when they got home!

The bouquet was SO easy, but I think they'll love it.

I even got some cute confetti to put in the bottom of the bucket!

All of my finished cake pops! I figured out that in the past week I have made over 100 cake pops. I don't think I've ever made so many at one time :)

Then last night I went out to dinner with my family at Newport and spent some time in the bookstore. I didn't do anything with my friends this weekend because I feel like I've just been too busy with so much other stuff - baking, college scholarship applications, and homework. I'm tired just thinking about it again - ha!

Today I've been trying to get caught up on all of my homework, and then I also got to babysit this cutie! I seriously love babysitting her because she's just so sweet. I would be playing with her, and she would just walk up and give me a hug :) 

I'm pretty sure we play peek-a-boo every time I watch her.

Tonight was spent doing more baking - ha! I have my final class for my Cake Decorating Course tomorrow, so we have to bring our own cakes for that. I took this picture because this is what I've been looking like all weekend - wearing my apron!

We also managed to carve our pumpkin tonight as well. We decided on Winnie the Pooh - no scary pumpkins around here :)

This is going to be another busy week, but I'm SO looking forward to it. I've got my cake decorating class tomorrow, dinner with my family on Tuesday, Halloween on Wednesday, and a family party on Friday! I also got TWO new cake pop orders today - I've never received 2 in one day. One is for my cousin's birthday party on Friday, but the other one is from someone I don't even KNOW! She knows one of my friends who I've made cake pops for, so my friend Danielle passed my info along to her. I was literally so excited when I saw that email. My goal all along has been to get an order from someone I don't know, and I accomplished that goal tonight!

I can't believe how fast my little cake pop business has grown. Just in the last few weeks alone I've gotten more orders than I have in months. I'm praising God tonight that my prayers have been answered, even if they're just simple ones about cake pops :)

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