Sunday, July 20, 2014

Alaska {Part 6}

I'm continuing with my Alaska posts today.....

Day 7 - Monday, June 23 - Skagway, AK & Yukon Territory, Canada
We had breakfast this morning in the Windjammer before docking for the day in Skagway. We had a really fun shore excursion booked that morning. It was a Yukon Jeep Adventure. Basically, my dad got to drive a jeep along the highway into Canada and then we went off roading on a mountain.

The scenery along the highway was beautiful, as pretty much all of Alaska is!

Our jeep was so cute!

We stopped in a cute little town on the way to the mountain called Carcross, which was short for Caribou Crossing. Seriously, is this not what you think of when you hear small Canadian town?

Then it was time for the off roading part. I wasn't really sure what to expect for that, but it was so much fun. We were sitting in the Jeep cracking up the entire time. The road was extremely rocky, and we were bouncing all over the place.

Once we made it to the top of the mountain, we got to what they called "the playground." It kind of reminded me of an ATV course because we got to drive around through ditches, hills, and mud puddles. Ha!

Then we made our way back to Alaska!

We had lunch at the Skagway Brewing Co. when we got back to town. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the cute little town. We had to make another stop at the Alaskan Fudge Co. - my favorite!

Ha! It was another rainy day....

Once we were finished walking through town, we went back on the ship and enjoyed some hot chocolate on deck.

For dinner that night, I ordered mixed berry soup as a starter, beef and veal pasta for my entree (which was absolutely delicious!), and drunken chocolate cake for dessert. This dessert was probably my favorite one I had all week. It was SO good!

The show that evening was one of the best ones of the week too. It was a super high energy singer who was really good and fascinating to watch!

That's all for today - I hope you have a fantastic day!

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