Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet Summer

This summer is going by WAY too fast. How is it almost August already?! I'm in denial that I have to go back to school soon. Today I'm doing a little update on some things that have been going on lately. I feel like I'm constantly behind in my posts because I'm still doing those Alaska posts!

Like I've mentioned before, I've been working on an Honors project this summer to start a website and Facebook page for my baking business. I'll admit that my progress has been a little slow due to the fact that I keep dragging my feet with it and putting it off. I am determined to have it completed before school starts though, so I have a few weeks to put it all together. I will for sure post an update when I finally finish it and have something to show. Last week I worked on it a little bit by going through a ton of pictures and organizing all of the cake pop projects I've done. Is it nerdy that I have an Excel spreadsheet with information on all of the cake pops I've ever sold? :)

Last Sunday my family didn't have anything going on, so we decided last minute to head up to Dayton for the afternoon. We love walking around this shopping area called the Greene, and of course, Rita's is always involved as well!

When I was shopping around, I stopped in the store Occasionally Yours. I was looking at their Kappa Delta Lilly Pulitzer stuff, and one of the workers overheard me talking about Kappa Delta. Turns out that she was a KD as well! She showed me these adorable KD bracelets that they sold as well. The brand is Alex and Ani, and I am now obsessed. They have tons of different charms! I bought the Kappa Delta one, and I have been wearing it every day. Plus I thought it was so neat that I bought it from another KD.

When I went to Easton last week, I picked up a few cookies from Cheryl's. I love their cookies, and I always pick up at least one when I'm close to a store to take home. I bought this Wedding Cake Cookie, and it's now my favorite cookie. It was SO good. I wish I would have bought more than just one Wedding Cake Cookie now!

Last Tuesday I finally got to go to the zoo with my cousins. Usually we go a few times every summer, but we hadn't gone this year at all. It was extremely hot, but we still had fun! Not sure why we're posing under a rhino statue in this picture...... Ha!

On Wednesday, my mom met me for lunch on my lunch break. I usually eat with one of my friends who works with me, but she was on vacation last week, so it was the perfect opportunity to eat lunch with my mom. We of course had to go to Taste of Belgium because it's my absolute favorite! I can't get enough of their waffles. I ordered the Banana Nutella this time, and it was SO yummy.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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