Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Project 365: June 2014

June wins the award for best month so far in 2014, mainly because of my Alaska trip!

June 1 - Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire pretty much all day with Coco curled up next to me. Perfection!

June 2 - A full day of work means Alaska dreaming!

June 3 - Spent the day crafting and baking!

June 4 - Kenwood shopping tonight. So excited about the new makeup I got!

June 5 - Spent my morning playing with Savannah!

June 6 - Long day of cake pop baking!

June 7 - First day of swimming in 2014!!

June 8 - Getting some work done on my Honors project before I have to head up to UC for the incoming KBS freshman mentor dinner!

June 9 - Sometimes you just need an afternoon Starbucks coffee to get you through the rest of the work day....

June 10 - Saw The Fault in Our Stars again today.....so good!

June 11 - Dinner at Lime tonight with Courtney and Emily - despite some rain, it ended up being a pretty evening!

June 12 - After dinner at Panera, Danielle and I went on a quest to find the new Reese's Oreos, and we finally found them at Walmart!

June 13 - Manicures and pedicures with mom, lunch at Piada, cookies at BonBonerie, shopping at Rookwood, and froyo from Yagoot!

June 14 - Coco getting comfy while I work on packing for Alaska!

June 15 - Celebrated Father's Day with lunch at Cabana!

June 16 - I'm going to miss this puppy so much when we leave for vacation tomorrow!

June 17 - Alaska Day 1: flying all day!

June 18 - Alaska Day 2: Gold Dredge 8 Tour, lunch in downtown Fairbanks, and relaxing at the hotel!

June 19 - Alaska Day 3: Glass top train ride to Denali and 7+ hour Tundra Wilderness Tour in Denali National Park!

June 20 - Alaska Day 4: lunch in Anchorage, gorgeous drive to Seward, boarding the Radiance of the Seas, and exploring the ship!

June 21 - Alaska Day 5: day at sea, visiting the absolutely stunning Hubbard Glacier, formal night, and relaxing in the Quill & Compass!

June 22 - Alaska Day 6: Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier, shopping in downtown, going to the top of the Mount Robert's Tram, and a fun evening on the ship!

June 23 - Alaska Day 7: Skagway, super fun (& craxy!) Yukon Jeep Adventure, lunch at Skagway Brewing Co., shopping in town, and a delicious dinner back on the ship!

June 24 - Alaska Day 8: Icy Strait Point, saw whales on the whale watching cruise, explored town, got delicious donuts, formal night on the ship, and a fun evening at the Quest!

June 25 - Alaska Day 9: Ketchican, gorgeous float plane ride over the fjords, lunch & shopping in town, desserts at Sweet Mermaids Bakery, and an evening of dinner, trivia in the Q&C, and a late night dessert bar!

June 26 - Alaska Day 10: day at sea, Zumba, activities around the ship, relaxing on our balcony, shopping, and our last dinner, show, and evening spent in the Quill & Compass.

June 27 - Alaska Day 11: last morning on the ship, Vancouver, Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium, lunch downtown, dessert at Thierry and Soirette, exploring town, and dinner in Gastown area!

June 28 - Alaska Day 12: loved seeing these snow covered mountains under the clouds on the plane ride home!

June 29 - Finally got to see Coco again after about 2 weeks! She looks so cute in her new bandanna we brought back for her from Alaska :)

June 30 - Brownies at work are just the thing I needed to get through my first day back!

Best. Month. Ever.

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