Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun with Friends and Christmas Shopping!

I hope everyone had a great weekend - I know I did!

On Friday night I went with some of my friends to O'Charley's. It was SO good. I am just in love with their food. Then I headed over one of my friend's house. I had a lot of fun over there with some newer friends.

And I HAD to make a cute scrapbook layout using these pictures:

On Saturday I went with my family up to Colombus for a day of Christmas shopping! I LOVE going up to Easton. It is just so much fun and such a cool atmosphere.
I found the cutest dress for Christmas while I was there. It was funny because I never would have picked the dress out, and I didn't think it looked very cute on the hanger, but I loved the way it looked on me. I'm so excited for Christmas!

Today has been a slow, study day. I have a huge World Cultures test tomorrow. They are calling for snow, and believe it or not, I'm hoping we don't get off school tomorrow. I just want to take this test and get it over with!


Nicola said...

i'm glad you had fun friday! i did too(: love the pictures, especially your scrapbook one!

Nicola said...
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