Friday, December 3, 2010

One Day Could Change Everything

On Thursday, I went to a concert after school! I'm a big lover of concerts. I think they are just too fun!

This concert was an Allstar Weekend concert. The opening acts were Action Item, The Scene Aesthetic, and Stephen Jerzak. I was mainly just excited for Allstar and Action Item. Here's the run-down of the concert day:

My friend & I left school a little early in order to get ready and head down to the venue. We stopped at her house & got dressed, and then headed out! I'd never been to this venue before, but it was kind of in a creepy/sketchy neighborhood. We were on the guest list, but due to a misunderstanding, we stood outside the venue for about 2hours before doors opened. I was dumb and decided to not wear a coat, which ended up to be a very bad mistake!

My friend & I had VIP tickets, which meant that we got into the venue a little early, got Meet-and-Greet pictures before the show, and got a signed poster from Allstar.

We got our pictures taken (during which Allstar asked me how long I was waiting, and if I had a coat at least. Hmmmm, nope, no coat).

Then we stoked out spots near the front of the stage. It was standing room only, which meant there was a LOT of pushing and my legs got very sore :/

It took FOREVER for the show to start. I think they were about 30 minutes late. Then Action Item came out & sang. I really do just love them. If you've never heard of them, you should check them out here.

Then there was another long break while they set up for the Scene Aesthetic, who I wasn't a huge fan of.

Then yet another long break while they set up for Stephen Jerzak. There were some crazy fans of his who were pushing people all over to try and get to the front of the stage. It was crazy!

(and I had a lot of strange looking pictures of him.....)

You know what's coming next, right? Another long break while Allstar's stuff was being set up. The waiting wasn't terrible, but I think the setting up took as long, if not longer than some of the openings even played for, which was a little annoying.

Allstar was great though when they came out. I had a lot of fun, even though I ended up not having the best view. They played some good songs, and just put on a really great show!

After they finished up, we got in line for the after show Meet-and-Greet. :) While we were waiting, we got to talk to a lot of the Action Item guys. They were super nice. We got them to sign our CD's, and we got pictures with most of them.

Then we met Allstar, again. HAHAHA.

And then we just basically stood around and talked to the Action Item guys. My friend Abby, who I went with, knows one of the them pretty well, so we were talking to him a lot. He tried to sell us a lot of merch.

What I liked best about the concert was how, I guess personal it was? I don't know how to describe it. It was cool being able to just hang and talk with the band members after the show, and that was something I don't usually see at a lot of concerts. I think it's funny how concerts are SO different depending on the band. I can't imagine what it would be like if the Jonas Brothers even attempted something like this. I had SO much fun though ;)

Of course, now I don't have any concerts to look forward to.

I just might need to change that.

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