Thursday, November 10, 2011


If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I love to bake! Most of the recipes I've tried out and loved recently have been from Pinterest, so I thought I would share the links to all of these delicious recipes all in one place. You seriously need to try these out - they are all awesome!

I made this frosting a little while ago, and it was delicious!

This isn't actually a recipe, but I found this website extremely helpful! The site has a video tutorial on how to decorate cupcakes to look cute, like the ones below. I followed this (it's SO easy!), and the cupcakes I made turned out so cute!

If you love Reece cups, you will love these cheesecake brownies! These were so good, but super rich. If I made them again, I wouldn't add the melted chocolate it calls for at the end. The brownies would be plenty chocolaty without it!

Seriously, how cute are these cupcakes/brownies? I made them for a family party and they were a hit!

This just might be the best thing ever invented. This website has 3 recipes: one for chocolate chip cookie dough, one for cake batter, and one for sugar cookie dough. And the good thing is? They are all made without eggs, so they are perfectly safe to eat! I made the chocolate chip cookie dough and cake batter before, and it was amazing! I was surprised how it tasted just like cookie & cake dough. All of my friends were obsessed with this!

The chocolate chip cookie dough was my favorite!

This dip was good - when you dipped graham crackers in it, it really did taste like a s'more! Mine didn't look terribly appetizing, but it was yummy! It was so easy too - only 3 ingredients!

I think I might have saved the best recipe for last! This recipe was incredible. The only thing I can say about it is: go make it. Now! :)

I have so many more recipes that I want to try from Pinterest! If you have a Pinterest, follow me here! And make some of these recipes - they are delicious!

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