Friday, November 4, 2011

Weddings: Part 2

I'm doing another wedding post today because I just really love writing these posts! I think it's so fun to look through wedding pictures and all that :)

This wedding video is the absolute cutest. You have to watch it!

Really cute and creative idea:

The lighting in this picture is gorgeous!

I love the idea of stitching the date of your wedding into the dress.

I read that for this picture, the bride wrote messages to her bridesmaids on the bottom of their shoes. I think that is so clever and neat!

This cake would be perfect for a beach wedding!

This bride is SO pretty - I especially love her eye makeup!

I seriously have a wedding problem - ha! I hope you all have a great Friday. I'm glad this super stressful week is almost over!

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Anonymous said...

I also have a serious wedding problem too. I think weddings are so pretty! I hope to have mine on a beach.