Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Great Day

Thursday was a really, really great day! For once, I had a relaxing, easy day, which didn't happened all week.

We had 20 minute classes because.....Jordin Sparks came to our school! We won a contest online, and she came to our school and talked to us about what she's been up to over the past year. It was really fun! This was actually the 3rd time I've seen her in person, and I really like her because she is an awesome singer, but she isn't full of herself at all!

Check out this news video about it. I'm actually in the video, which is kind of funny!

I had hardly any homework, which was really nice because it wasa stressful week. And, I got to leave babysitting early because the dad of the kids I babysit got home from work around 4!

My mom and I went to Target and a few other stores so I could get a lot of my Christmas shopping done! I actually got a lot bought :)

We came home and turned on the Santa Clause while we wrapped presents. We wrapped so many presents last night it was crazy! We decided to wrap up real cute this year, and I'm loving the way they turned out. They were all taking over our living room....

I'll get an update about my weekend up sometime soon! In the mean time, have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an Awesome time with Jordin Sparks!! She is a great person and singer!!