Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project 365: January

I decided to do a thing called Project 365 this year, where you take a picture every day for a year. I have an app on my phone that I'm using to do it, but I wanted to transfer the pictures into a blog post so I know for sure that I'll always have them. I'm going to post my little descriptions of them too, otherwise I'll never remember them! So I'll probably be doing one of these posts at the end of every month :)

January 1 - I babysat Lorelei today!

January 2 - Chipotle for lunch!

January 3 - Got Graeter's with Mom tonight!

January 4 - Finally cleaned my room!

January 5 - Skyline for dinner!

January 6 - Went to Newport and got Coldstone tonight :)

January 7 - Went to Kenwood with Rachel and Nicci tonight!

January 8 - Brunch today at Market Street Grill!

January 9 - I met Aunt Joan's new cat Rico today!

January 10 - Outback for dinner - just what I need after studying for exams!

January 11 - Listening to the Jonas Brothers on the way to school today - an exam tradition!

January 12 - Coco is keeping me company this morning!

January 13 - Exams are over, I'm eating Dairy Queen, and life is good!

January 14 - Went outlet mall shopping today and bought a new Coach purse :)

January 15 - Coco wore her snuggie today :)

January 16 - Off school today, so I'm watching one of my favorite movies - Beaches!

January 17 - Made cookie brownie bars tonight!

January 18 - A good day at babysitting today!

January 19 - Made myself hot chocolate tonight!

January 20 - Made Valentine whoopie pies tonight!

January 21 - I'm ready to head off to DC for the March!

January 22 - Had fun today in Washington DC!

January 23 - Went to the Verizon Center today for the March for Life :)

January 24 - Got home from DC this morning, and I did a lot of sleeping with this puppy!

January 25 - Watched American Idol tonight!

January 26 - Really creepy and foggy on the way home from babysitting today!

January 27 - Girls night out dinner at Brios today!

January 28 - Mom and I went out to Northgate today, and we had to stop at Orange Leaf!

January 29 - Went to see Billy Elliot at the Aronoff tonight!

January 30 - Such a beautiful day today!

January 31 - It's January 31, and I'm wearing capris today. LOVE that!

So, that's been my month in pictures! This Project 365 is SO fun - I'm glad I'm doing it. My mom and I have been laughing because most of mine have been food - you can tell what I love! Ha!

I still can't believe this month is already over - it's gone by so fast!

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Alli said...

It's great seeing your month in pictures! I also can't believe this month is already over!! And what a great way to end by seeing that Britt Nicole now has a new song out!!

Smile!! :)